Lucky Celtic Symbols

Lucky Celtic Symbols |

Which of the lucky Celtic symbols attracts your eye the most?
The attraction should be instant.
If you can’t decide, don’t force yourself to choose. It simply means there is no message for you today.

Karina Collins Author

Hecate’s Wheel

Lucky Celtic Symbols

Celtic Symbol Hecates Wheel |

You picked Hecate’s Wheel. This ancient symbol represents the maze of life.

As you were drawn to this symbol, it means you feel at a dead end in a certain part of your life. This may be to do with a relationship, friendship, job, project or health plan. Or maybe it’s something you invested time and enthusiasm in, but it has not turned out the way you hoped.

Take a look at this maze. See, in the center, there lies your reward!

It is sitting there, waiting for you to claim it.

Don’t give up because something is difficult or hasn’t worked out.

Reverse, review, and move forward again.

Lucky Celtic Symbols: WATER

Celtic Symbol of Water |

This ancient symbol represents water.

Without water there is no life.

Joy, a sense of purpose, learning … these are the ‘watering’ elements of our soul.

Are you watering your soul, or has life become a bit of a treadmill?

The secret to life is soul expansion. By learning, you expand, and expansion leads to passion.

You may have been drawn to this because you ARE expanding and learning. So take this as a confirmation you are on the right path.

Some of you however, will feel “yes, I know I’ve got to do something” for and this is your confirmation.

Additional Message
If you commit to developing your psychic abilities, you will uncover great abilities. This symbol represents latent talent – magical powers which have yet to emerge. Next, check out: what is my spiritual gift?

Symbol of Earth

Lucky Celtic Symbols

Lucky Celtic Symbols for Earth |

You picked the ancient symbol of earth.

Earth is the sign of prosperity, home, fertility and employment. As you were attracted to this symbol, it means one of these aspects will change for the better in the future for you.

Don’t expect a sudden windfall or change, the earth symbol says the change will come because of something YOU do.

This will be the result of a decision you make or an action you take now.

Extra Guidance: Environmental and animal protection. The earth reminds us to care for our planet and fellow creatures. You are guided to do something, perhaps even volunteer for a local community project.

Triple Moon

Lucky Celtic Symbols

Lucky Celtic Symbols Triple Moon |

This ancient Celtic symbol is called the Triple Moon, and represents the three phases of the moon – waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon.

This symbol represents the circle of life. You were drawn to it at this time because you have come full circle. We begin our venture into adulthood full of expectation that if we do “the right things,” we can control life.

But the more we experience, the more we realize there is a greater power at work. While we must play our part and involve ourselves enthusiastically in life, ultimately the outcome is out of our hands.

So why worry?

Control is an illusion. We’re not really in control. So why stress it? Let go and breathe. Throw yourself into life and enjoy it. Don’t worry about tomorrow. It’s really not under your control anyway.

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