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Luck booster

As I was working with my crystal ball this week, I felt very strongly that you needed a boost of good luck.

You see, the Universe, angels or God – can only do so much for us. If our head is in the wrong place, if we are prone to feeling unlucky, uninspired or even depressed, then we are less likely to make the most of lucky opportunities. We can even miss golden opportunities completely.

So this week, I worked with the angels to write 7 powerful luck affirmations for you. I have put these together in a LUCK BOOSTER chart below. Download it to your phone and use it for 7 days. Then delete it, this act of discarding sends a message to the Universe that you no longer need it. You are now lucky.

Note: If you miss one day, then you will need to start over again. You must complete 7 days in a row.

Karina Collins Author

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7 Lucky Affirmations

Seven Luck Affirmations


I FEEL lucky. Every atom in my body is vibrating at the purest level.


I never hope. I know. I know I am lucky and blessed.


Everyone sees me as the luckiest person they know.


This is turning out to be the luckiest time in my life.


I let myself feel lucky.


I am lucky in everything I do.


I decide to be more brave this week, because fortune favors the bold.

What Are Luck Affirmations?

Luck affirmations are words we repeat to help push our mind into a more positive mindset. Right now, you live in your mind. Nowhere else. The thoughts you have and the words you use have created your life and experiences up to this point. What you choose to think or say in this moment, will determine how tomorrow turns out for you. It will determine the mood you wake up in, the interactions you have with other people, and how they respond to you. It will determine if you miss opportunities or embrace them with an open heart. The point of positive affirmations are to make you more present. To FEEL lucky right now. Because that will help determine what happens tomorrow. Do you SEE?

Why Does It Help To Believe?

Higher Powers are waiting and willing to help when you are ready. But as the mind is so susceptible to suggestion, it is very difficult to make progress by being too skeptical. Skepticism tells us why it’s silly to do something, so really, our attempts are only ever going to be half-hearted.

The smallest beginning will make a difference.

Are you afraid to believe? Maybe you are afraid of being disappointed? There are no guarantees, but remember, fortune favors the bold. Have courage, ask for what you want and turn your mind to receiving it. Or maybe you just think ‘that’s the way I am’. What nonsense, I say! It is only laziness talking. Be more ambitious for yourself and this precious life.