Life Lesson

What Life Lesson Are You Learning? |

In this reading, discover what one life lesson you have learnt recently.

Ask Your Spirit Guide or Angel:
What life lesson am I learning right now?
Then choose a card and scroll down for your message.

Oracle Deck Used in This Reading

Oracle Cards: The Fool’s Wisdom Oracle Cards
Author: Sonia Choquette
Publisher: Hay House
Interpreted by: Karina

Life Lesson 1

The Wish Fool Wisdom |

The Wish Fool

Your spirit guide says, you have learnt to finally believe in your heartfelt wishes.

Indeed, even if your wishes have not properly manifested yet, you have managed to remain hopeful.

The reason why most people never actually realize what they want, is that they are too afraid to hope. Because hoping and believing means you risk being disappointed. So many people lose faith and stop hoping, never realizing how close they were to manifesting their wishes.

But this is not going to be your story.

You are too busy holding on to hope. And that energy and intention you give your wishes is the energy your spirit helpers need in order to help you. Hope is a ‘high vibration’, which fuels the manifestation engine.

So, by believing in your wishes, you are helping your angels to help you.

Say this little prayer every night to your angels:
I am helping you to help me, by keeping faith.

Life Lesson 2

The Soul Fool Wisdom |

The Soul Fool

Your angel and spirit guide agree, that you have learnt to finally do what FEELS right.

In other words, you are listening to them.

Those moments where you, acted on instinct, curiosity or strong desire, are true moments of spirit contact. Those feelings and thoughts do not originate with you. It may feel like they do, but they are in fact your spirit helpers. They are manipulating your energy to make you feel or act in certain ways.

Now, your helpers, want you to acknowledge this development, so that you continue to be aware of those thoughts and feelings. Rest assured, those gut feelings are your short cut to success in the future.

Life Lesson 3

The Romantic Fool Wisdom |

The Romantic Fool

While the last months may not have been perfect, or even far from perfect – your angels say you did something very important recently.

What is that, you ask? Well, you have started to fall back in love with yourself and your life.

And when you start to re-love yourself, and put energy into how you spend your day – this makes you more attractive, lovable and nicer to be around.

As you go forward, know that you are in a much better position now to attract all sorts of good things. Whatever you need from other people, they will respond more warmly. Indeed, this can mean romantically, but also extends to family, friends, employers, clients and even pets.

Welcome back.

Life Lesson 4

The Stress Fool Wisdom |

The Stress Fool

Both your angel and spirit guide agree that you’ve had more than your fair share of stressful moments in recent times. And they know it’s taken a toll on your mind and body.

Stress is that guest who turns up in our life uninvited, but we don’t want him to get comfortable. We don’t want to start replacing one stress fool with the next.

But I think you’ve come to that conclusion yourself, which is why you were drawn to this card.

Maybe you have decided to change the way you act or what you do. Perhaps you have decided not to let certain situations or people cause you stress in the same way.

Or maybe you have decided to make changes to how you spend your day, and what you do. Whatever adjustments you are making, this is the right way forward.

Time to stop going around in circles.

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