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What Does Libra Rising Sign Mean?

Does Libra Rising mean the same as Libra Ascendant? What does it mean when someone is a ‘Libra Rising’? Libra Rising and Libra Ascendant are the same thing. Our rising (or ascendant) sign is one of three main components that makes up our natal chart and refers to the zodiac sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon at the exact moment we were born. So, when an astrologer says someone is ‘Libra Rising’ it means that Libra was the astrological sign rising in the Eastern horizon at the moment of their birth.

What’s the Difference Between Libra Sun Sign and Libra Rising Sign?

How does my Rising or Ascendant Sign in Libra impact my behaviour? Does my Rising Sign in Leo affect who I marry? Our rising sign, or ascendant sign determines how we relate to the outside world on a social and physical level. This is often referred to as our ‘public image’ and may be deceiving. Our sun sign signifies our internal character, self-esteem and deeply held personal goals. Libra sun sign has a great need to share their life with a secure and solid partner, in fact, this is what drives Libra sun sign the most. When Libra is rising, this need is intensified to an extent that this astrological sign will rush into a relationship without really knowing the other person, and very often end up making a serious mistake.

What Is Libra Rising Physical Appearance?

What sort of body shape and facial features are linked to Libra Rising? Physical appearance associated with a sun sign or a rising sign in astrology is less definitive than other traits and indeed, personally, I have often found them to be inconsistent. The fact that Libra rising is governed by the planet Venus means, regardless of how the actually look, they come across as attractive, charming, gracious and elegant.

This rising sign is very conscious of their looks and will spend endless time doing their make-up, their hair, choosing the right clothes so that they appear perfect at all times. Libra rising is known for their beautiful smile, many have dimples, and of course, their gentle manner and positive personality makes them irresistible.

Libra Rising In Love and Relationships

Do Libra rising make good lovers or long-term partners? While Libra sun sign has a burning need to love and be loved, this characteristic is magnified in Libra rising, often leading them to make hasty relationship choices which end in disaster. Libra rising falls in love easily and the fact that this astrological sign is more sexually active than most other signs can lead to a string of unsuitable partners.

Libra rising is warm, loving and fun to be with, added to this their innate beauty and charm means there is no shortage of partners for this zodiac sign. However, when they do commit, Libra rising can be very demanding and I’ve known some to pick a fight just to get attention! Having someone to lean on is essential but the ‘strong silent type’ won’t cut it as Libra rising needs to be told how wonderful they are, pretty much all the time. Since this rising sign has difficulty recognizing their own faults, the ideal partner will be someone who can point out this issue and help them change for the better.

How do You Behave at Work?

How do people born with Libra rising excel in the workplace? Libra sun sign is known for their charismatic personality, charm and negotiating skills and many famous politicians were born under this astrological sign. Vladimir Putin, Mahatma Gandhi Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher and Adolf Hitler to name but a few. These same characteristics are even more pronounced when Libra rising is in your birthchart, so a career in politics is worth considering.

Fairness, justice and equality are all qualities dear to the heart of Libra rising, making a career in the legal profession, lawyer, barrister, judge or indeed law enforcement an excellent choice. Working in any area of beauty, fashion or the stage will bring out the best in this air sign and, of course, your excellent negotiation skills make you a top-class salesperson. Libra rising, as we know, has a hard time making decisions, so it is better that they work as part of a team rather than working alone.

How Does Libra Rising Affect Family and Friends?

What are Libra rising people like when they are with friends and family? Those born under this astrological sign are excellent listeners which makes them much in demand. Ruled by the planet Venus and the element Air, Libra rising is cheerful, uncomplicated and are known for their endless patience. Of course, this makes them a welcome part of any family or social group. Symbolized by the Scales, Libra rising are renowned diplomats and they will find a solution to most problems (particularly other people’s!) and are often called in to help settle disputes between family members or friends.

Peace-loving Libra rising hates to quarrel and will do just about anything to avoid arguments. This is all right some of the time but there are times when they need to deal with unpleasant issues and not run away! This zodiac sign will do almost anything for family and friends but it is essential to them that they acknowledged and told how wonderful they are – all of the time – and that can make them just a bit exhausting to be around!

How can Libra Rising Maintain a Healthy Balance?

Is there a way that Libra rising can be more balanced in their life? Libra rising, symbolized by The Scales is probably the most balanced of all the zodiac signs. However, the desire for harmony at all times and in all situations can be quite a strain. The best thing Libra rising can do is to occasionally not be so nice, not to compromise, to put themselves first. Nobody is going to love this zodiac sign less for saying what they really feel, and they should not let their fear of an argument hold them back. Making a decision is difficult for this rising sign, but they need to be aware that their indecisiveness is one of their least attractive qualities. Go on, feel the fear and do it anyway!

What Famous People were Born Under this Sign?

Celebrities born under Libra Ascendant include:

Beyonce, Courtney Love, Kim Cattrall, Kate Winslet, Britney Spears,Harry Styles, Jon Bon Jovi, Phil Collins, Idris Elba, Harrison Ford, Vince Vaughan, Bill Clinton, President John F. Kennedy, Stephen Hawkins

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