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What Is Karma?

Karma is a Hindu word which literally means ‘action’ but has come to mean ’cause and effect’ or as the Bible might say ‘as ye do unto others, so shall it be done unto you’.

Karma is based on the idea of reincarnation. That is, that there is a soul, entity (it has different names) in all of us that keeps coming back to earth in different human bodies for the sake of experience. Consider it like a student who returns to the same school hundreds of times until they ultimately pass their exams. Each time the entity returns it comes back with a specific lesson in mind and it takes on an identity most suitable to achieve this goal.

How Does Karma Work?

Each new incarnation is governed by the rules of Karma which determines the lesson to be learnt. Each successive life will reflect the merits and demerits of past-life behavior – so the worse you behaved in a past life, the more unpleasant the lesson you need to learn in the next. The ultimate aim is to achieve complete enlightenment and to return to the Source from where your soul originally came (some people call the Source, God).

But as far as we know this could take millennium and hundreds of incarnations. In fact, in India it is thought that each soul reincarnates 840,000 times! Perhaps it does take that many attempts to perfect our character. Each time we are born the voice of our soul is ‘lost’ in the physical senses of the new body. Intuitively rediscovering this inner voice is like discovering your life path or life purpose.

What Are The Rules of Karma?

According to readings by the famous psychic Edgar Cayce, the following rules apply to karma:

Rule 1

Karma is not purely negative. It has two aspects: continual learning on the path to enlightenment and retribution for previous acts of cruelty.

Rule 2

Talents and spiritual abilities cultivated in one life tend to persist in succeeding lives. However, sometimes their expression may be inhibited by other karmic life circumstances. For example, even though you may be ‘naturally’ very good at learning languages if you don’t have the financial means to travel in this life, you won’t have opportunities to exercise your talent.

Rule 3

Traits of character, interests and attitudes (towards religion, race, politics, sex, animals etc) tend to persist in succeeding lives. Extroversion and shyness also tend to persist unless karma steps in and requires you to change.

Rule 4

According to the retributive aspect of karma, any action that is “evil,” or harmful to the well-being of any other unit of life, is exactly “punished” in a manner proportionate to and appropriate to the original harm done.

Rule 5

Three kinds of retributive karma are distinguished in the Cayce readings:
a) Boomerang: A man who blinded others in the past finds himself blind in the present.
b) Organismic: A man who eats to excess in one life-time can suffer from digestive problems in the next.
c) Symbolic: A person who “turned deaf ears” to others plea for help in a past life is literally deaf in the present.

Rule 6

Mockery and criticism of others can invoke psychological and physical retribution; you suffer the same thing that you have mocked or criticized in others.

Rule 7

If you cheat on a partner in this life it can lead to you being cheated on in the next.

Rule 8

Karma is sometimes “suspended” so to speak, for several lifetimes. Cruelty committed by a life you led in the 1900s for example can remain unpaid for 5 or 6 intervening lives, and may finally be met in the present life.

Rule 9

The suspension of karma seems to be necessary for three basic reasons:
a) The culture epoch or era must be appropriate to the payment of the debt.
b) The soul needs to develop sufficient inner resources and strength to handle the karma and learn its lesson.
c)The soul may need to pay the debt to other entities and therefore must wait until such time as they are also incarnated. So if someone is particularly cruel to you in this life, they have to wait until you are reincarnated before they can return to pay you back.

Rule 10

Unexplained fears can be traced in some cases to past-life experiences. For example phobias of certain animals, closed places and water are sometimes due to terrifying experiences or even death associated with these objects. Recurrent dreams and hallucinations can also in some cases refer to past-life experiences.

Rule 11

Every soul has freedom of will. Freedom of will is interfered with by the karmic laws of life only when the will has been selfishly misused.

Rule 12

A soul is magnetically drawn to parents who can give it the environment it needs to fulfill its new life task.

Rule 13

Your unconscious stores the records and buried memories of every experience your entity has ever been through, in all of its many existences. This is the basis of past-life regression therapy, to tap into the unconscious.

What is My Karma? Take The Karma Test!

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Simply pick a number 1 to 8. And then scroll down to learn your karma.

What is Karma? | KarinaCollins.ie


Karma 1: Strength

Karmic Lesson | KarinaCollins.ie

Your lesson in this life is to learn to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

Your willpower needs to be strengthened so that you stretch yourself, take risks and dare to travel your own independent path. Life will bring you into contact with strong-willed people who try to knock you down, and you may face some challenges that knock your confidence. There is a reason why this happens. It is so that you can learn your karmic lesson, to be strong and more forceful – to develop inner strength and real confidence. You must learn not to worry what others think of you. You must learn to have faith in your own judgment and your own abilities – to stand up and be the person you are meant to be! If you do this …. great adventures and success lie ahead. It’s never too late to start, as long as you are here, as long as you are alive, as long as you exist – trust me, you CAN resolve your karmic lesson

Karma 2: Compassion

Karmic Lesson | KarinaCollins.ie

Your lesson in this life is to LEARN HOW TO BE SENSITIVE

Your lesson is to be sensitive to other people’s needs and feelings. To ask not what others can do for you, but what can you do for others. You must learn to be careful with your words, to be loving in all you say and do – regardless of how others treat you (that is their karmic lesson, not yours). If you are successful in this journey you will be attracted to helping people in some way – there will be a deep-rooted need within you to make a difference. You will spread your light, without expecting thanks in return. It is only when you truly arrive at this state – giving without expecting in return, that you will learn your karmic lesson and fulfill your life’s purpose. If you feel bad because you always seem to be giving and don’t receive in return, you still have not learnt the lesson. Once you accept that this is your karma, abundance and surreal happiness will flow to you in every area of your life.

Karma 3: Optimism

Karmic Lesson | KarinaCollins.ie

Your lesson in this life is to BE LESS SELF-CRITICAL, to lighten up on yourself

 To learn you don’t have to appear perfect to the outside world. The REAL you is far more interesting and sympathetic – let it all out – show the world who you are, warts and all. They will love you for it because honesty is refreshing and shows real inner confidence. In taking this attitude, you will naturally become more optimistic and happy – and your joy will spread to others. Your lesson is to embrace happiness, see the humour in even the worst of situations, to appreciate the gift of life. If you do this, you will find you are rewarded by passion in your life – this passion makes your life more vibrant and fulfilling. You will attract wonderful job opportunities, amazing relationships, absorbing hobbies – life will never be dull again!

Karmic Lesson 4: Discipline

Karmic Lesson | KarinaCollins.ie

Your lesson in this life is to LEARN SELF-DISCIPLINE

You need to create a strong foundation for your life, otherwise you will feel confused and directionless (struggling to find a job you enjoy, a relationship you want, or a place where you want to live). If you have not mastered this lesson you will find you are always looking for solutions ‘out there’ – if only you could get a new job, lose weight, find someone to love you … if, if, if .. it has hints of waiting to be rescued. If you HAVE mastered this lesson you will know by now the answer is not ‘out there’ but ‘within’. It’s only by putting effort into your life, showing perseverance (not giving up at the first hurdle), that you will learn your karmic lesson. Once your lesson is learnt, all the blocks to living the life you dream of are lifted

Karmic Lesson 5: Take Risks

Karmic Lesson | KarinaCollins.ie

Your lesson in this life is to OVERCOME FEAR

Take every opportunity to experience life: travel, meet new people, try lots of different things. If you sense your lesson correctly you feel there is a clock ticking within you and it’s on countdown! You feel a need to make the most of everyday, to pack your life with adventures. Your lesson is to have faith in the flow of life – to bend and adapt to change and, as a result, to grow. If you manage to do this – you pack two lifetimes into one and have a lot of fun in the process! If you struggle with this lesson, you feel blocked and continually dissatisfied. Be brave, embrace your karmic lesson – put yourself out there, overcome the fear of taking risks and dare to live!

Karmic Lesson 6: Commit

Karma Lesson | KarinaCollins.ie

Your lesson in this life is to LEARN HOW TO COMMIT

Think of it as a bit like the Dido song ‘Life For Rent’! Unless you learn to ‘buy’ (COMMIT) you will never experience the highs of life. It’s true, you avoid the ‘lows’ by playing safe, but that’s like living in low gear! You must buy-in. Your karmic lesson is to give with your heart and soul to a relationship and to those who love you. It’s ok to let your guard down and trust. Yes, you will occasionally get hurt, but it’s not the end of the world. Learn to give and, when necessary, make sacrifices. Commit also to the rest of your life – if you only half-like your job, home, hobby … don’t sit on the fence – decide what you do want and go after it. By committing in every aspect of your life you are saying ‘I am in control’. You will then resolve your karma and reach a state of happiness.

Karmic Lesson 7: Wisdom

Karma Lesson | KarinaCollins.ie

Your lesson in this life is to DEEPEN YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND TALENTS

You have developed talents over many life-times, each life you come into, your lesson is to further your knowledge. You must re-discover your gift and perfect it. People with this karmic lesson will have a sense of purpose, a feeling that you need to ‘do something’. You are correct, be determined to uncover your talent, don’t wait around hoping for a light-bulb moment. Indeed, actively follow up on your intuition – take courses, go places to experience new things, read books and talk to people until you uncover what it is you need to learn. Try to be tough with yourself in your development, be your own critic (without self-condemnation). If you can do all this, your gift will appear – it will unfold at a super-fast rate, and take you places you could only have dreamed of!

Karmic Lesson 8: Push Yourself

Karma Lesson | KarinaCollins.ie

Your lesson in this life is to PUSH YOURSELF TO THE FRONT

Real success and money will elude you unless you step into your power and take control. You must learn not to be afraid of taking the lead – if an opportunity for promotion comes up, or the lead in any situation, you must take it. Learn to push yourself forward, meet challenges and confront unpleasant competition. You may not always win, but you will learn. And eventually, by learning, you will win more until eventually you are on a winning streak. If you are learning your karmic lesson, then you will be financially comfortable because of YOUR effort. Even more importantly, you will feel EMPOWERED and deeply satisfied with your life.

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