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Card Type: Major Arcana
Card Number: 20
Star Sign: None
Planet: Pluto
Element: Fire
Other Names: Judgement Day

Key Meaning: Wake-Up Call

The Judgement Tarot card points to a major wake-up call.

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Judgement Keywords

πŸ₯° Upright: Awakening, resurrection, karma
πŸ˜’ Reversed: Blocked, ignoring intuition, denial

Judgement Tarot Card Description

This description is based on the Rider Waite Tarot Deck. Archangel Gabriel blows a trumpet, to wake the dead from their coffins. This is a scene from the Last Judgement and the Book of Revelation, where the dead arise and joyfully wait to meet their maker. Soon they will discover how their life has been judged. This card does not literally represent resurrection from death, but rather the idea of leaving behind aspects of your life that have kept you feeling caged in, or stuck.

Much like the Tower Tarot card, this card represents change, transition and new beginnings. However, the transition tends to be more peaceful, than with the Tower. Judgement may be the calling of your own inner voice, conscience or higher purpose. The drumming of your heartbeat, saying, now is the time. When this card turns up, you are likely to be at a crossroads, and ready to make changes. The tick-tock of death whispers, life is short, how do you want to spend it?

What prevented you from making changes in the past, are receding now. Perhaps you worry less now about what others think. Or, perhaps you have simply begun to care more about others things.

As Judgement is linked to resurrection, this card can also signify the past returning to life. An ex-lover or friend from the past could make contact, for example.

More keywords associated with this card include: making amends, religious conversion, college graduation, growing up, moving on, new chapter, emerging, new vocation and life purpose, new identity, apocalypse.

What Zodiac Sign is The Judgement Tarot Card?

The Judgement card is not associated with any particular star sign, although some astrologers link it to Scorpio. Scorpio rules of the eighth house in astrology, known as the house of transformation. This house is where we find information on our deepest thoughts and desires, and it can be scary to look inside this house sometimes, because of its power to end our way of being.

Pluto, is associated with Judgement. Pluto was the god of the Underworld, he ruled Hades where souls travel to after physical death. In astrology, Pluto symbolizes death, release and forgiveness.

The Judgement card corresponds to the element Fire.

Romance: What does The Judgement Tarot Card Mean when You Ask About Love?

When Judgement turns up in a love reading, the meaning will depend on your question. For example, if you asked:

πŸ’– Will I find love? This card means yes, and there could be a connection to your past. For example, an old flame rekindles, or you meet someone you knew a long time ago (however briefly), or your new love come from a place you grew up in, or used to live.

πŸ’– Does he or she like me? This card acts as a wakeup call. It means – come on, the answer is obvious! The person has made their feelings very clear; you are just not listening.

πŸ’– What is the future of our relationship? This card means you are at a crossroads, and must take a decision. No more lingering, you’re in or you’re out.

πŸ’– If you’ve suffered a miscarriage, this card means your baby will return in another pregnancy.

CAREER: What does This Card Signify when You Ask About Work?

If your question relates to work, business, career or study and you receive Judgement, it can mean:

β­• You graduate from college. As Judgement rules karma, it means your final exam results will reflect the effort you put into your course.

β­• A job, gig or project opportunity connected to your past, come around again.

β­• You have an opportunity to take your career or business in a completely new direction. The door is open.

Careers associated with this card include: Recruitment, politics, judicial system, journalism, spiritual leader, medium or psychic and energy healer.

If you are considering hiring a candidate and this card appears, it means:

This candidate may not be suitable for the job in question, but you may consider them for another role in your company.

Money Cards in Tarot

MONEY: What is the Meaning of Judgement in a Money Reading?

If you asked the Tarot about money and finances, and you receive the Judgement Tarot card, it can mean:

πŸ’² You have a big decision to make about your finances, or a major purchase. While you may seek advice, ultimately you have to decide.

πŸ’² You buy a property in an area you used to live in, or you move closer to home.

Tarot Card Combination Meanings

“Judgement combined with Lovers” – A relationship rekindles

“Judgement combined with Wheel of Fortune” – Lucky again

“Judgement combined with Death” – You have mediumship abilities

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HEALTH: What does Judgement Mean when You Ask About Health?

In a health reading, Judgement can mean you are over the worst of an illness. Literally, you are springing back to life. This card is occasionally linked to near death experiences, as well as a near misses – an incident where just a few seconds before or after, something nasty would have happened.

Health conditions associated with this card include: Breathing problems, asthma, emphysema, anxiety attacks and bronchitis.

YES/NO: Does This Card Mean Yes or No in a Reading?

❓ When you ask a Yes or No question and this Tarot card turns up, then the answer is not clear.

TIMING: Does Judgement Predict any Particular Timeframe?

πŸ•” This card is only a timing indication when you specifically asked a timeframe question. For example, if you want to know if something will happen, and when, then you need to draw two separate cards. These are in fact, two separate questions. This is a fundamental principle to understand if you want an accurate tarot reading – and it is core to my teaching in my book Tarot in 5 Minutes.

πŸ•” Judgement possibly represents Scorpio season, that is 23rd October to 22nd November. If the card is reversed, timing will be longer – perhaps up to a year later, same date.

Karina’s Timing Method:
I am using a traditional major arcana timing method here, based on the zodiac sign assigned to each card.

What is the Meaning of The Judgement Tarot Card Reversed?

When Judgement is upside down then the newly arisen people are disorientated and uncertain. This can mean:

βœ”οΈThe Universe is sending you signs, but you are struggling to understand them, or accept them.

βœ”οΈ You are denying the truth of a situation, and not doing what should be done.

βœ”οΈYou are acting against your true nature, and it doesn’t feel good.

βœ”οΈOther keywords associated a reversal include: bad judgement, intolerance, life out of balance, unwillingness, acting cowardly, not standing up to bullies.

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