Psychic Test 6

Intuition Test and Psychic Training Online

Skill Development: Clairvoyance
Skill Level: 4/5 (5 being the most difficult)
This psychic training test is designed to develop your clairvoyance. Can you ‘see’ in your minds eye which deck of oracle cards I choose?

Close your eyes, the answer may come to you in a flash. Or reach out and let your hand be automatically guided (if this method works for you, you may be good at automatic writing).

Scroll down for the answer ….


Intuition Test and Answer

Did you get it right? If so, congratulations, this was not an easy test!

Now don’t dismiss your vision as ‘guesswork’ or just ‘good luck’.

Karina Collins Author


Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Review
Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid

If your first name begins with the letter S, P, F, L and E – then this card and message is for you.

Your message: The Sun Dancers celebrate now, for what is to come. This unleashes magic energy which helps you to attract the thing which you are celebrating in advance. Stay positive and leave timing up to the Divine and Universe.

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