Psychic Test 5

Intuition Clairvoyance

Skill Development: Clairvoyance
Skill Level: 3.5/5 (5 being the most difficult)

This psychic training test is designed to develop your clairvoyance. Can you ‘see’ in your minds eye what colour crystals I placed in the tin?

Close your eyes, the answer may come to you in a flash of coloured light.

If you struggle – picture a simple living room in your mind. Now imagine a cream couch in the room. Ask your Spirit Guide to place a cushion on the couch. You might instantly see a cushion, or it could take a minute … wait until you see a colour.

If you get the answer right, congratulations, you just had a psychic experience!

Scroll down for the answer ….


Intuition Test 5 Answer

Did you see the colour blue in your mind? If so, congratulations, this was not an easy test.

Now don’t dismiss your vision as ‘guesswork’ or just ‘good luck’.

Note: please do not give away the colour if you comment on Facebook.

Karina Collins Author
Intuition Learn Clairvoyance Vision

Some of you will have seen YELLOW in your mind. It was a little trick – I put a yellow flower near the box. If you saw yellow, then know that you also passed the test! Congratulations!

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