Psychic Test 3

Intuition Training Test 3

Skill Development: Clairvoyance
Skill Level: 2/5 (5 being the most difficult)

This psychic training is designed to develop your clairvoyance, which is a form of psychic perception. Close your eyes and try to ‘see’ an image in your mind’s eye.

If you get the test right, note how the information was given to you. Did you see an image? Or maybe a colour? This way you will become much more aware of how spirit guides and angels pass you guidance.

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Intuition Test Answer: MONKEY

Oracle of Visions Cards Number 7

This is beautiful card comes from the Oracle of Visions Deck by Ciro Marchetti. If you passed the test and ‘sensed’ correctly – congratulations! Now try to remember how you received the information (e.g. a picture or word popped into your head), and use that knowledge going forward in your everyday life.

Whether or not you sensed correctly – This message you should hear: The monkey in this card refers to the saying – that even a monkey, given enough time, would by random keystrokes on a typewriter, eventually put words in an order that replicated one of Shakespeare’s plays. It is a reminder that sometimes difficult things take a while longer to accomplish. The only limit on your dreams is a matter of time and effort.

Karina Collins Author

Psychic Test Training And More Intuition Readings

By practising these psychic tests you will improve your intuition. In the process, you will find the other free readings and psychic tarot readings on my website much more accurate. That is because your intuition will increasingly guide you to the right card. Just as you will find yourself guided in real life, to the right place at the right time. You may also enjoy this Guardian Angel Reading.

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