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Discover everything you need to know about Intention Candles and how to use candle magic to manifest and attract your deepest wishes.

What are Intention Candles?

Intention candles are candles which are designed to attract a specific wish, such as wealth, love or good health.

Intention Candles are created by taking a regular candle and placing symbolic items like crystals, flowers, charms and essential oils on the surface. There are different ‘recipes’, according to what you ‘intend’ or wish to manifest. When your candle is prepared, you may say a prayer or affirmation before lighting your candle.

Once lit, your wish flows out to the Universe as the manifestation is put in motion. In other words, your intention is set.

Candles have been used for more than 5,000 years in spiritual practices as a source of light to illuminate celebrations, perform rituals and cast magic spells. Humans intuitively connect with their special energy and symbolism, which is why candles are such a useful tool for manifestation.

Intention candles can also be described as candle magick (magic, spelt the occult way).  Magick was defined as “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will”, by occultist Aleister Crowley. 

In short, what he means, is that magic is all about bending the world to your wish, through your willpower.  In candle magick, the candle becomes the focal point of your willpower.

Are There Different Types of Intention Candles?

Yes, you can essentially create an Intention Candle to manifest any wish. The most popular candles are:

Love candle: to attract your soulmate or twinflame.

Wealth candle: to manifest money, career promotion, business success and general financial abundance.

Healing candle: attracts healing for yourself, or a loved one. This can be emotional healing, as well as physical healing for an illness.

Fertility candle: helps you overcome infertility problems.

Study candle: helps students focus and pass exams and to deal with the emotional stress of study.

Color Meanings: Which Color Candle Should I Choose?

This is a quick guide to candle colors, based on color therapy.

White Candle
Attract love (specifically marriage), children and fertility.

Pink Candle
Attract more romance or heal a relationship. You can use a pink or white candle for love.

Red Candle
Manifest money, property, success in business or work. Some people use green for prosperity, which is fine too. Red is more commonly associated with wealth in Europe and Asia. Choose whichever color resonates with you the most.

Green Candle
Triggers healing, both physical and emotional. Also enhances your gift as a healer by helping you channel Mother Nature.

Black Candle
Provides protection for people working in or studying mediumship, psychic practices or witchcraft.

Blue Candle
Attracts luck for writers, bloggers and anyone who needs to communicate with an audience. It is also the perfect candle color if you want to channel the Virgin Mary.

Yellow Candle
I only recommend yellow if you specifically want to lift depression. Yellow is a healer of the mind.

Purple Candle
This candle color packs some serious punch, which is why I only recommend purple if you serious about developing your spiritual gifts. It helps you develop a connection with spirit guides, spirits and other dimensions.

Orange Candle
Use orange is you struggle with motivation in any area of your life, health, weight loss, relationship or career. Orange can help you overcome karmic blocks, which can feel very freeing. It is also the best candle to help you concentrate on studies and passing an exam.

Do Intention Candles Work?

Yes, they do, if you make your candle the right way. Here are just a few messages on Facebook from my followers who created their own candle after watching one of my videos.

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How Do Intention Candles Work?

As a student of spirituality for many years, practicing meditation, Law of Attraction, Mindfulness and positive affirmations; it was only when I began to dig deeper into natural magic (sometimes called witchcraft, but don’t let that put you off), that I began to see how everything fit together.

Natural magic has roots in ancient Greek philosophy and science, and it shows us how to use nature’s four classical elements, fire, water, wind and earth to bend the world to our will.  

Fire is the element used in candle magick and fire is associated with energy, passion and transformation. When you light your Intention Candle, you are unleashing elemental fire energy to work on your behalf.

If you can hold it in your hand, then you can see it in your mind and the manifestation begins.

Karina Collins

Seeing IS Believing

However, the major reason why Intention Candles work better than meditation or affirmations alone, is that you have a real tool in your hand to focus your thoughts.

Neville Goddard, one of the original thinkers in Law of Attraction once said, “If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.”

An Intention Candle goes one step further, you don’t need to ‘see’ it in your mind to ‘hold’ it in your hand. You can hold it in your hand for real, by creating a candle. This instantly boosts your manifestation, bypassing the need to visualize what is not yet there.

Seeing is believing. It is much easier to believe you are manifesting a new home, for example, when you place a key to your new home on top of your manifestation candle. The key is not something you need to visualize, it is already real. It is as real as your intention to open the door to your dream home.

Karina Says: ‘If you can hold it in your hand, then you can see it in your mind, and the manifestation begins’.

I have dusted off old spell books, and reinvented Intention Candles for modern times. It is knowledge which was lost in time, but now I have created new spells and recipes to help you manifest love, money, better health and more.

What Do I Need To Create an Intention Candle?

Each candle is different, depending on what it is you wish to manifest. For example, the candle color, crystals and affirmation or prayer are different for a love candle compared to a money candle.

That said, these rules are essential for every candle you make:

1. Set a Clear Intention

You need to be clear, what it is you wish to manifest. Write down what you want to achieve with your candle. The trick is to be specific, but not too specific. For example, you could write a new house. But don’t limit the Universe by saying how you want that house to come to you. Don’t say, ‘I want to win the lottery’, but instead focus on what you want to own, rather than how it comes to you.

If you are searching for love, write down a ‘soulmate and happy marriage.’ Don’t try to dictate WHO or what sort of person you should marry, allow the Universe to manifest the right person. It knows better than you, who will make you happy in the years ahead.

2. Be Crazily Positive and Excited

Be as enthusiastic and excited as possible when you make your candle. You are casting your intention to make something happen, so this is an important act. You won’t achieve anything if you are lukewarm or half-hearted, it simply won’t work. You must be intense about your project. No matter what you want, when it comes to manifestation, you must be intense about it. Your intensity is the energy the Universe uses to fuel your wish. Think of it like fuel for a car, your car can’t move without fuel.

Once you make your candle and light it, you can release your intensity. Unlike other manifestation exercises, with my method, you don’t need to keep repeating affirmations for weeks on end. The only thing you must do, is put all your passion into the making of your candle, and the lighting. Then trust your intention is set. Go about your life as normal and wait patiently for the results.

3. Don’t Doubt. Doubt Kills Intention

Doubt kills the energy of an Intention Candle. A sign that your intention is not strong enough, is if you say things like – “I hope this works.”

Hope doesn’t cut it. You can’t hope it works, that’s lukewarm. You have to KNOW it works, because you NEED it to work. Don’t hold back, out of fear of disappointment. Let go.

This is your life, your Intention Candle, give it everything you have.

How Long Do They Take to Work?

There is no set timeline, your story will be different to the next person. Patience is a virtue when it comes to manifesting dreams. I received an email recently from a reader who has ‘worried’ that her Prosperity Wealth Candle was not working because she had only won 10 dollars, and her friend who had also made a candle, had won 2,000 dollars.

Spot the problem here? The first lady was already doubting the power of her candle, simply because the manifestation was happening too slowly. As soon as doubt sets in, you rob your candle’s power and it stops working.

If you’re going to the trouble of making a candle, at least give yourself a real chance of manifesting something wonderful. Don’t kill your dreams with doubt. It’s your dream, so it’s up to you to keep it alive.

Can I Make a Candle For Someone Else?

Yes, absolutely. However, whoever the candle is for, is the one who must burn it. 

Can I Create More Than One Candle?

You don’t need to repeat a candle, because that’s like saying you don’t trust what you’ve already created. This is especially true of love candles. Once you create a love candle, there is no need to repeat the experience. Love will find you, when it is meant to.

You can create more than one Wealth Candle, because your goals may change over time. I recommend however, that you allow 6 months to pass between creating one wealth or healing candle, and beginning the next.

The only exception to this rule, is if you feel you were not in the right frame of mind when you made your candle. If you weren’t excited by the process, then it is worth starting over again. You can reuse any charms for this purpose.

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