How To Store Tarot Cards

How to Store Tarot Cards |

In this article, we discuss how to store your Tarot cards. Basically, what is the best way to protect and wrap your cards?

How Do I Store my Tarot Cards?

As a Tarot reader, your cards are your personal treasure which you instinctively will want to wrap and protect.

Over the years, I have explored different methods of storing my Tarot cards. At first, I wrapped my cards in a red silk scarf, and later in a small velvet bag. At another stage, I stored them in a wooden box encrusted with crystals. Significantly, after a few years, each storage option eventually fell apart. Indeed, it felt like the cards were saying, ‘we want a new option now please’.

So, if this is your experience, don’t worry. It is perfectly fine to swap around the way in which you store your Tarot cards. There is no right or wrong answer, only what feels right at the time.

While there are many practical considerations to take into account when storing your cards, your choice expresses your reverence and respect for your deck.

If you have a collection of Tarot cards, it is quite reasonable to store your cards in their original packing. That said, you are likely to end up favoring one deck in particular, and whichever one this is, deserves special attention.

I only wrap my Rider Waite deck. This is because it is the very first deck that I bought, and it is still the one I use everyday when reading for clients.

I currently store the cards in a pretty pink box. I have added stickers and crystals to the box over time to personalize it more. If you are a creative person, then ultimately you are likely to end up creating your own unique storage solution. Something that expresses you, and your connection with the cards.

Best Choice: Wrap Your Tarot Cards in Silk

You may have read that you should wrap your tarot cards in silk. Indeed, many Tarot readers prefer this option.

Throughout the history of Tarot, silk was one of the most popular storage choices. This is because, silk was expensive and considered a luxury. For this reason, choosing to wrap your cards in silk was a psychic sign that you were prepared to invest your time and faith in your cards. In other words, it was a mark of respect and reverence.

As mentioned above, I wrapped my cards in a red silk scarf for many years. When eventually the scarf became ragged and fell apart, I took this a sign to find another storage solution.

If you are new to Tarot, I recommend you wrap your first Tarot deck in a silk scarf. This sends a powerful signal to spirit guides and helpers, that you are serious about receiving their wisdom through the cards.

What Color Silk Scarf?

Choose a red or purple silk scarf if you wish to become a professional reader. These colors set the intention that you are serious about mastering your craft.
Yellow or pink scarf are for personal readings. These colors signal that you want personal guidance, to uplift and inspire your life.

Tarot Bags and Velvet Pouches

You can also use a Tarot bag or pouch to store your cards or oracle cards. There are lots of beautiful velvet bags on the market, in particular on Esty. You can find beautiful embroidered bags with Tarot symbols, like the moon, rabbits, pomegranate; as well as Wiccan symbols and good luck charms.

I only use a Tarot bag, when I am on the go with my cards. On such occasions, I personally find that pouches are more practical. In fact, you can see my black velvet bag in the image at the top of this page.

Storing Your Cards in a Tarot Box

There are lots of lovely hand-carved wooden Tarot boxes available, on Amazon and Etsy.

You can buy boxes engraved with a pentagram, tree of life, evil eye and alchemy symbols. If you opt for a wooden box, ideally be swayed by what attracts you rather than price. Consider your Tarot box an investment in your spiritual path.

Where Should I Put my Tarot Cards?

When answering a question like where to store your Tarot cards, always begin with the most practical solution. Your cards should be easily accessible, so that you remember to use them.

Some readers keep their cards on an altar, surrounded by crystals and other new age possessions.

Personally, I keep my cards in a drawer next to my desk where I perform all my client readings. In effect, my whole room has become a Tarot space, so I don’t need to restrict myself to a small altar. However, if you are not a professional reader, then keeping your cards in a dedicated ‘spiritual’ corner is probably a good idea. In so doing, you contain the energy in a defined space, and this helps to keep your cards charged.

Should I Carry My Tarot Cards With Me?

If you carry your deck around with you, the primary problem is that you risk damaging or losing your cards. Indeed, if you are like me and your cards are a prized possession, then I do not recommend you travel too frequently with your cards.

Some people also worry that their cards will pick up negative energy, if you expose them to places or people. This should not be a major concern, if your cards are wrapped or boxed, then this acts as a protection.

That said, every so often, it is good to cleanse your Tarot deck. Read more, how to cleanse your Tarot cards.

Incidentally, when I am travelling, I prefer to use a Tarot app on my phone.

How do You Store Multiple Tarot Decks?

When you start to collect Tarot decks, the question of multiple tarot deck storage, will crop up eventually.

If you have lots of Tarot and oracle cards, it is perfectly reasonable to store your cards in their original packing. I store mine on a shelf above my reading desk.

However, if you use several different decks of cards regularly, then you might consider one of the following options:

Tarot box with multiple slots

Multiple Tarot deck storage |

Search Etsy for some pretty solutions. This is a 12 slot Tarot organizer.

Simple desk organizer

You just need to find an organizer with the right layout to hold your cards.

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