How to Cleanse Tarot Cards

How to cleanse Tarot cards |

In this article, we answer how do I cleanse my tarot cards?

How to Cleanse Tarot Cards Without Tools

If you want to cleanse and charge your Tarot cards without incense or other metaphysical tools, then try my Basic Clearing Ritual.

This ritual is deceptively simple, but extremely effective. In fact, I always perform this cleanse in between client readings.

Basic Cleansing Ritual

Basic Tarot Clearing Ritual |


First, mindfully go through your cards, one by one. Lay the cards in three rows, one card in row one, the next in row two and so on. This ensures a thorough shuffling. As you do so, turn any reversed cards upright.

When you are finished, collect all the cards together and briefly shuffle the cards.

Finally, rap your cards three times with your knuckles.

Congratulations, the ritual is now complete. Your cards are cleansed and recharged.

How Long Does it Take to Cleanse Tarot Cards?

The act of card cleansing takes no more than a few minutes. The Basic Clearing Ritual above takes about 3 minutes. Perhaps you have noticed that I invoke the power of the number three? The number three has long been any important number in paganism and Wicca magic.

The Power of Three

The significance of the number three originates with the triquetra, also known as the trinity knot. Originally a Celtic symbol, amongst other things, the triquetra signifies past, present, future, as well as the cycle of reincarnation, birth, death and rebirth.

How to Cleanse my Tarot Cards using Crystals and Incense

Crystal Cleanse

The best crystals for cleansing a Tarot deck are the clear quartz and amethyst. These stones are great for restoring a deck to neutralize position in between Tarot readings. When I say ‘neutral’, I mean the deck holds no memory of the previous reading. Each new reading, thus, becomes a clean slate and operates on its own merits.

To perform a crystal cleansing, simply leave the crystals inside your deck’s silk wrapping or box when you put your cards away. You can leave the crystals there permanently, or remove after 24 hours. Please don’t forget to cleanse your crystals occasionally too. If you click on the links to the crystals above, you can learn how to do this.

Not sure about storing your cards? See, how to store your Tarot cards.

White Cloth Cleanse

If you sense that your cards need an extra cleaning, then wrap your deck in a white cloth for 24 hours. In effect, this purifies the cards. Reasons why your cards may require a deeper cleanse, include being touched by negative people or you have neglected to perform a basic cleaning ritual recently.

Incense Cleanse

You can perform this card cleaning ritual as often as you like. Light a stick of incense and pass your cards through the smoke, drawing a figure of eight as you do so. The figure of eight represents infinity, as well as past, present and future.

Repeat this movement three times.

How do You Charge and Clean a New Tarot Deck?

The initial cleanse of a new deck is probably the most important cleanse you will perform. The first clean basically rids the cards of any stagnant energy they may have collected from the store or factory of origin.

See this article, for more specific guidance on how to welcome a new Tarot deck.

Do I Have to Cleanse my Tarot Cards?

You may even wonder what would happen if you don’t cleanse your Tarot cards? Firstly, let me reassure you, no-one is turning into a pumpkin here! To clarify, the main purpose of clearing your cards is to ensure the accuracy of your readings.


Neutralizes Your Cards

The Basic Cleansing Ritual ensures that your cards are in neutral position at the start of every reading. This means, you won’t be left wondering if that reversed card is a left over from your previous reading or relevant to your current one.

Tells The Cards to Move on

As a basic tool of divination and fortune telling, Tarot cards are excellent for answering specific questions. However, unless you specifically tell the cards to move on from a question, or a client, they may continue to read on the same issue. Performing a cleanse, in this situation, is a way of drawing a line in the sand.

After Someone Has Touched Your Cards

When someone touches your cards, there is an energy transfer. That person will imprint some part of themselves on your cards. Now, this is not always an issue, particularly if you like the person in question. However, if you subsequently discover that your cards don’t respond to you in the same way, then a cleanse will restore your cards to a neutral position.

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