How to be Spiritually Happy

How to be Spiritually Happy Reading |

How to be Spiritually Happy Reading

Your Guardian Angel has one little bit of advice for you today.
Simply pick an egg, and all will be revealed.

Your Guidance on How to Be Spiritually Happy

Egg 1

As your Guardian Angel, I want you to embrace the magic of yoga every day. Even a 5 or 10 minute yoga stretch will restore order and bring harmony to your body, mind, and spirit. I want you to breathe deeply and feel the physical benefits as your energy is raised. All of your real-world anxieties – the concerns you have about your life – will be eased by doing yoga. It will help restore peace to your mind, so that I can reach your thoughts and guide you more easily.

Egg 2

Meditation is the solution to your worries about the present and the future. Of course, it is not the only solution, but right now, as your angel, I feel it will really benefit you to refocus on meditation. Take a moment to yourself, sit in stillness, and free your head of all thoughts. Aim for an empty mind. Enjoy the peace that comes from feeling and sensing nothing. Then, as you return to normal life, you will find that there is more space for me in your head to fill with guidance.

Egg 3

Try to make time for a walk in nature a few times a week. The fresh air will heal your mind and body.

Egg 4

Your home needs ‘cleansing‘ – the energy is stagnant, which will affect everyone who lives there and even visits. The best way to cleanse is to open the windows, and allow air into your rooms. For an even deeper cleanse, you can try smudging with incense or a sage stick. This will help release any negativity caught up in the rooms, and rejuvenate your home. There are more benefits which I cannot go into right now, so just trust me, and follow this guidance soon.

Egg 5

As your Guardian angel, I sense you will benefit from connecting more with others at this time. Whether you do it through work or volunteering, you will be amazed at how much emotional support you can receive (and give) by being around others.

Egg 6

I recommend you start journaling (writing down your thoughts). Journaling can be a powerful tool, pour your thoughts onto paper, process your feelings, and gain new insights into yourself. It is also easier for me, your Guardian Angel, to pop thoughts into your head, when you are writing, because writing acts as a light form of trance meditation.

Egg 7

This is a good time to read inspiring materials, like “The Four Agreements,” “The Joy of Living,” or “The Ten Commitments”. Reading a few pages is a great way to start your day or to wind down before sleep. Doing so, will boost your positivity and bring some comfort.

Egg 8

Step away from your phone, resist the temptation to instantly respond to every text. Our phone can be an addictive form of entertainment, and reduces our interest in looking for other forms of stimulation. If you start a task – like baking, meditation, journaling, having coffee with a friend, or walking in nature – hide your phone away for that time. Be more mindful. If you are already doing this, congratulations, your instincts are correct.

Egg 9

Forgiveness is like a weight lifted off your shoulders, it releases negative emotions and brings peace within yourself. Remember, we all make mistakes, but letting go of grudges and embracing compassion is key to finding happiness.

Egg 10

Tomorrow, I want you to promise me that you will make a phone call. The phone call should be to someone who has been on your mind for a while but you haven’t gotten around to calling or have been afraid to call. Someone should come to mind quite quickly when you read this message – make it that person.

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