Green Fluorite Crystal

Raw Green Fluorite Spiritual Meaning |

Color: Light green
Chakra: Heart chakra
To Buy: Cheap, and widely available online and in crystal stores
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Tarot: Devil Tarot Card
Heals: Anxiety, negativity, shyness

Spiritual Meaning of Green Fluorite Crystal

When you are drawn to Green Fluorite crystal, it means you have absorbed negative energy from other people, and your body wants to ‘cleanse’ itself of this unhealthy energy. Our body is very clever at knowing what it needs, and your body is shouting – let’s dump this toxic energy!

It may be, that you are a intuitive person, prone to absorbing other people’s bad moods and worries. If you work in a busy office, or deal with the public, then you will absorb their worries and issues, no matter how hard you try to protect or shield yourself. The world has become a little crazy …

Or, maybe you are dealing with a negative person who is close to you, and this has dragged your energy down.

This green crystal acts as mental and physical cleanser, sucking all that negativity from your body and allowing space for positive energy to flow through you again.

✔️The world fluorite comes from the Latin verb fluere, meaning to flow
✔️Fluorite is also called fluorspar
✔️Fluorite is sold as a raw crystal, tumbled stones, or shaped as a tower or sphere

What Are the Properties of Green Fluorite?

In natural form, Green Fluorite appears light to transparent green in color, although it can roam into darker jade colors. When tumbled (meaning polished and shaped), this stone takes on a beautiful marbled appearance.

Green Fluorite is primarily mined in the United Kingdom, USA and China. It’s chemical formula is CaF₂, calcium fluoride.

The Mohs scale, which defines the hardness of a mineral, places fluorite as a value of 4. This is quite low, meaning the stone is soft and easy to scratch.

Fluorite jewelry should be worn and stored separately from other jewelry to avoid scratching. Also remove while exercising or performing household chores, to avoid damage.

How Often Should I Cleanse and Recharge Green Fluorite?

This stone collects a massive amount of negative energy and so it needs regular cleansing and recharging. I recommend you cleanse and recharge every three months – in stressful periods this should be once a month. This ensures the stone works at it’s peak performance.


As Green Fluorite is considered a ‘soft’ stone, avoid using harsh cleaners. I recommend you simply wash your stone or jewelry in warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth.


After washing your stone or jewelry, leave under moonlight for one night. Ideally place your crystal outside on top on earth to ground it while it absorbs the moonlight vibration. If you don’t have a garden, leave your crystal on a window with access to moonlight.

3 Keys Benefits of Green Fluorite Crystal

What is Green Fluorite good for? What powers does it have?

This stone can:

1. Absorb Negative Energy

Green Fluorite literally sucks negative energy and stress from your home and work space. This stone can discern when outside influences are affecting you at a psychic level, and steps in to shut off the flow of unwelcome energy.

Place a Fluorite sphere or tower in your living room or on your work desk for this purpose.

Always keep a Green Fluorite in a room where people interact with each other regularly, such as a child’s play room. This helps to minimize the risk of conflict and arguments. If your child is nervous about going on a play date, or hanging out with new friends, pop a Green Fluorite in their pocket.

Green fluorite sphere and tower

2. Unblocks The Heart Chakra

This stone activates your heart chakra, and ‘melts’ away emotional blocks which prevent you from truly knowing yourself at a heart-level. This stone helps you to identify what motivates you and, to accept whatever truth is revealed. Green fluorite promotes unbiased impartiality, it ensures that you accept the truth about yourself, which can be life altering.

When your heart chakra is balanced, you find it easier to speak your truth with confidence. You also find that your actions align more closely with your words, and you follow through on what you say.

Note, that while Green Fluorite helps to align the Heart Chakra, it is not the best stone for healing emotional traumas or heartache. The rose quartz crystal is a better stone for this purpose.

3. Raises Your Energy Levels

Green fluorite also activates the spleen chakra, otherwise known as the prana chakra. Prana is the life force energy, also called chi, which permeates everything in this Universe. If you have been feeling low on energy or lackluster, this stone helps prana energy to flow through you again.

An unhealthy spleen chakra results in the depletion of life energy, a healthy spleen chakra makes you feel strong, and optimistic.

What are the Healing Benefits of Green Fluorite?

This crystal heals:

  • Stomach disorders
  • Worry
  • Concentration problems
  • Shyness
  • Infections, particularly viral
  • Pneumonia
  • Flu, Covid
  • Rheumatism
  • Dental work
  • Wrinkles, botox healing issues

Where Should I Put Green Fluorite?

Green Fluorite Bracelet I

If you want to use Green Fluorite to absorb negative energy, then place it in a relevant room. If you need help with work colleagues, for example, place a tower or sphere on your desk. If you need help at home, place a crystal in your living room. If you need help when you are out and about, pop a crystal in your pocket.

If you would like to use the stone to heal one of the conditions above, then wear it close to the skin, as a bracelet ideally. Crystal healing is gentle, and it can take a few weeks for symptoms to obviously improve, but you should notice some sign of improvement within a week. Once you are well again, stop wearing the bracelet.

Instant Meditation

If you enjoy meditation, try this crystal healing:

Green Fluorite is an amazing aura cleanser. Take a stone in your hand and using clockwise circular motions, move it around your body. This provides an instant ‘bad energy’ detox.

How to Set Intentions Using Green Fluorite Crystal

This green crystal can be used with an intention candle or placed on an altar to:

Banish negativity and negative people from your life.

Improve health. If you have one of the conditions outlined in the health section above.

Understand who you are. If you struggle to identify what motivates you, this is the perfect stone to uncover the truth.

When using in an intention candle, use one large Green Fluorite or a few smaller ones.

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