Green Feather Meaning

Green Feather Meaning

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Crystal: Green Fluorite
Topic: Green Feather Meaning

If the angels bless you with a green feather, then the message relates to healing. Here are the 4 specific messages associated with this feather.

Small Green Angel Feather

1. The Green Feather Means You Are Healed

When you find a green feather, you or someone close to you, is about to receive a healing from Archangel Raphael. This Archangel can intercede and deliver a miracle. Miracle healings are uncommon, which is why finding a green feather is quite unusual.

Small Green Angel Feather

2. You Are A Healer

If you have taken an interest in healing, the green feather is a sign that – yes, this is the path to pursue. You have healing hands. But perhaps you already know this, but have not taken steps to learn about your gift? Or maybe you are already working as a healer, or training in a healing art. If so, know that you have a great talent, but it will take time and practice to emerge. Try not to be impatient, but be persistent. 
As the global consciousness awakes, more knowledge is becoming available to healers – it will appear as a download or feeling – I know there is a better way to heal. 

The knowledge will only be made available to those who have proven their dedication. 

If you received the green feather, it means you are one of the chosen. But you must play your part, work hard and wait for the revelation. 

Archangel Raphael feather

3. Leave The House

This message is only for a few of you. If you have been housebound or restricted in your movement – the green feather delivers this message from the angels: “It is time to leave your confinement. But you must help us, help you. Play your part by believing that it is possible, and we will do the rest.”

healing prayers for eyes

4. Your Eyes Are Healed

Green feathers are specifically associated with the healing of eye conditions. However healing of all serious illnesses are indicated by green.

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