Gray Feather Meaning

Gray Feather Meaning, Grey

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Crystal: Galena, high vibration stone
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In this article, discover what it means when you find a gray feather. Here are the 4 angel and spiritual messages associated with gray feathers.

Spellings, grey feathers (UK) and gray feathers (American).

Grey Feather Meaning

1. Gray Feathers Mean Calmer Days are Coming

Grey is a symbol of return to ‘normality’ and peace. If you have been blessed with a gray feather, it is a sign of calmer times ahead. Perhaps you have been going through a period of turbulent change or experiencing a tough time. 

The gray feather grounds high frequency energies associated with growth and struggle – you know that crazy energy that makes you feel nothing is in your control. So, as the dust begins to settle, it promises a period of calm and contentment on the way.  You can look to the future with a smile.

Grey Feather Meaning

2. You Are Dumping Emotional Baggage

Your mind is opening and limiting self-beliefs are melting away. Some of these limitations have their origin in your past and you are finally letting go. When the gray feather appears, it is the angels way of letting you know – you have finally healed. You have dumped the emotional baggage that was preventing you from making decisions and embracing life. Now you can finally see the world with fresh eyes and youthful optimism.

Sign that karma is finished

3: Your Karma is Complete

When we are born, we arrive with certain karmic contracts which we set for ourselves. These contracts can sometimes be difficult and usually involve other people. When a karmic contract is completed – which happens when you have come out the other end and taken what lessons you need – then, there is a great sense of relief. You feel unburdened. Like now, anything is possible. And you are right. After the completion of karma, life steadily gets better. When you receive a gray feather, it is the angels way of saying – “Great job, I know you’re battle weary, but now the good times can roll!’

Gray Feathers Meaning

4: Your Soul Gifts are Emerging

The gray feather is associated with the emergence of unrecognized soul gifts. These are talents you’ve always had, but were not in the right place to appreciate or develop. Your soul gift at first glance is something that seems quite ordinary, but as you appreciate it, you recognize the pure potential within you. Book a Life Purpose Reading with Karina, when this happens.

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What it means when you find a grey feather.

Gray Feather Meaning and Grey Feathers

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