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Have you found a gray and white feather, and wondered what it means?

Here are the 2 main angel and spiritual messages associated with the gray and white mixed feather.

Discover also, additional meanings for striped and spotted gray and white feathers.

Two Key Spiritual Meanings of White and Gray Mixed Feathers

1. Your Vibration is Rising

When the angels send a feather with mixed colors, it means that they want to deliver a ‘blended’ or combined message. This means that the message is more advanced than the message of a single gray feather or a single white feather.

Gray feathers generally symbolize an end to emotional turmoil, and calmer days. While, white feathers are a sign that your guardian angel is near.

Combined, a mixed feather means that you have dumped a lot of emotional baggage, which has now given your spirit time and space to grow. As a result, your spiritual energy or vibration is rising. This is what authors mean when they say, ‘you need to raise your vibration to connect with angels!’. You are doing it, whether consciously or not. Congratulations!

As a new version of you emerges, stronger and more spiritually aware, your Guardian Angel can now work more closely with you. You may even find a spiritual gift emerges or strengthens.

How soon will my spiritual gift emerge?

Consider how much of each color is present in your feather, because this will give you some idea of how soon your spiritual gift will emerge or strengthen. For example, if your feather is about 50/50 gray and white, it means a few months away. The more white, the closer you are to experiencing your revelation. If your feather only has a little bit of gray on the tip, then open your eyes, because your gift is right under your nose. You are likely to have already experienced signs of it.

2. Reincarnation

The mixed gray and white feather is symbolic of reincarnation.

Reincarnation, also known as transmigration or rebirth, is the concept that our soul is reborn time and time again in a different body. When you receive a mixed feather it is a sign to learn more about reincarnation and past lives, because it will help you better understand certain relationships in your life – why, for example, some people treat you the way they do. Or why you feel strongly about certain people or situations.

The mixed feather can also be a sign that a child in your life, or coming into your life, is someone you knew in a past life.

Striped Gray and White Feather Meanings

Is your feather striped?

If so, a striped feather is a sign of unexpected change.

This means that the spiritual awakening you are experiencing, will likely lead to some unexpected changes.

Spotted Gray and White Feather Meaning

Is your feather spotted?

Spotted feathers are a sign to let go of the past.

If the spots are gray, then it means you have raised your vibration by healing from an issue which has its roots in a past life.

If the spots are white, it means you have raised your vibration by moving on from a situation. This may be moving house, location, job, relationship or some other practical area of your life.

A Sign To Keep This Crystal Near You

The mixed gray and white feather is associated with the white howlite stone in crystal therapy. If you find such a feather, it is a sign that you should keep this crystal close to you for a few months.

White Howlite Crystal Therapy |
White Howlite Crystal. White stone with streaks of gray

This crystal brings blessings to your home or apartment, while your spiritual energy is open and on the rise. Keep a Howlite outside your back and front door to protect all those who live within. If you live in an apartment, or rent a room, keep the crystal inside the door to your flat or bedroom.

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Includes: Gray and white feather meanings.

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