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What Does Gemini Rising Sign Mean?

Is it important for me to know my Rising Sign? Is there a difference between a Rising sign and an Ascendant sign? Our Rising Sign, also called our Ascendant, reflects the zodiac sign that was ascending on the Eastern horizon at the exact time of our birth. When someone is told that they are a ‘Gemini Rising’ it means that Gemini was the astrological sign rising in the Eastern horizon at the exact moment of their birth.

What’s the Difference Between Gemini Sun Sign and Gemini Rising Sign?

Does our Rising Sign in Gemini have an impact on our physical appearance? What characteristics are defined by Gemini Rising Sign? Our internal self, our passions, ego or life purpose, are determined by our Sun Sign. While our external self, the image we project to the world, the way we socialize, our physical appearance are all based on our Rising Sign, or Ascendant. While Gemini sun sign’s are often described as ‘mercurial’ and find it difficult to focus on one thing, Gemini Rising has the opposite problem. This ascendant sign can analyze an issue to death and, in doing so, may end up being unable to take a decisions.

What Is Gemini Rising Physical Appearance?

What are the distinctive physical features of someone born under Gemini Rising? To be perfectly honest, it is difficult to be definitive about the actual physical appearance of any of the zodiac signs, as they can vary widely. However, Gemini rising tends to have a lean body, long limbs and often an elongated face with wide-set eyes and a high forehead. Influenced by the planet Mercury, this astrological sign is driven by a nervous, scattered energy and does everything with speed and agility. Even when resting there is an air of activity about Gemini rising and even though some may appear frail, they are tougher than they look.

More than anything Gemini rising likes to communicate and their bright eyes and witty conversation make them great company. While Gemini sun sign are artistic and like to use their hands to create crafts, Gemini rising may experience difficulty as they are prone to arthritis in their fingers.

Gemini Rising In Love and Relationships

How good is the astrological sign, Gemini Rising, at love and forming relationships? Gemini rising is more stable, less flighty, then Gemini sun sign, so they make better partners. They are magnetic, charming and will encourage their loved one to reach their full potential. A sense of freedom is vital to anyone born under this ascendant sign and this can sometimes cause confusion and jealousy in a relationship. Gemini rising has an intense interest in other people and will form friendships quickly and easily which, from the outside, may be mistaken for an affair.

Gemini rising has a constant need for change which can make maintaining a long-term relationship difficult. One minute they are ‘all in’ and declare their undying love, the next they are on the look out for their next ‘victim’. Gemini rising is a difficult sign to match as they need someone who has an equally light attitude to life. A good place to start is Aries, Aquarius, Libra and perhaps another Gemini.

How do You Behave at Work?

What are the best careers for someone who has Gemini rising in their birthchart? Gemini rising loves to talk more than anything else, so a job that involves communication is a good place to start. Blessed with a sharp mind and a keen curiosity this ascendant sign make brilliant investigators, news reporters and researchers. In fact, any work that keeps them stimulated, excited and on edge will hold their interest. Gemini rising have a real fear of boredom and can quickly get
lethargic and depressed if their work becomes routine.

A career in sales, marketing, social media or teaching are all good choices, as is a career in finance.

How Does Gemini Rising Affect Family and Friends?

Do people born under the rising sign Gemini make good friends? Friends and family are essential to this astrological sign and they will avoid confrontation whenever possible as they hate to fall out with anyone. Provided one can cope with the emotional ups and downs, living with a Gemini is never boring! However, the influence of their ruling planet, Mercury, makes them prone to sudden or unpredictable changes which can make life difficult for those around them. Because Gemini rising thinks quickly and changes their mind equally quickly, being around them can be confusing and hard going at times. This rising sign needs to be careful that their restless nature doesn’t lead them to thinking only of their own needs.

How can Gemini Rising Maintain a Healthy Balance?

The best way for Gemini rising to maintain a healthy balance is to learn to slow down and ‘smell the roses’. This rising sign tends to constantly rush in order to get as much as possible out of life. This can sometimes make them seem selfish and uncaring of others needs, so making a point of listening to friends and family will create more balance in Gemini rising’s life. This ascendant sign love to start a project but quickly lose interest – a little patience and perseverance might just lead them to discover hidden talents and pleasures – so, slow down and learn to be patient!

What Famous People were Born Under this Sign?

Celebrities born under Gemini Ascendant include:

Greta Garbo, Ginger Rogers, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, Sandra Bullock, Willow Smith, Kristen Stewart, Kelly Osborne, Drew Barrymore, Julianne Moore, Tommy Lee Jones, Juliette Lewis, Amy Winehouse, Rose McGowen, Christine Keeler, Michelle Pfeiffer

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