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Free Soul Reading |

In this free soul reading, discover what your soul needs you to know right now.

Ask Your Soul:
What do I need to know right now?
Then choose a card and scroll down for your message.

Oracle Deck Used in This Reading

Oracle Cards: Heart and Soul Oracle Cards for personal transformation
Author: Toni Carmine Salerno
Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing
Interpreted by: Karina

Free Soul Reading 1
Love yourself and your soul will open

Free Soul Reading Heart and Soul Oracle Card Review |

Your Message

The heart is the true seat of power so just love everyone involved and all will unfold gracefully,
in its own time.
An angel watches over you.

With patience, love and perseverance all will work out fine.
Be guided by the wisdom of your heart.

Your soul guides you to be patient with yourself right now. Indeed it does no good to be so hard on yourself, because all that happens is you lose joy and motivation. The first person you need to love right now is you. When you send love within, rather than worrying about sending it ‘out there’ to others, it feeds your soul like rain on a dry summers day.

Your soul can visit the Akashic records, so it knows everything about you. Trust the guidance you have received now. When you follow the guidance of your soul, you will feel a Light expanding inside you. This is the Light you seek and it will brighten up the world around you.

Soul Reading 2
You are about to hear something

Heart and Soul Oracle Card |

Something will be revealed in a dream, or through someone you trust.
The information sheds light on something that has remained hidden from you for some time.
Suddenly, the missing piece of the puzzle appears and you are able to see the bigger picture.

Your soul wants to tell you something, and when you learn this piece of information, it will set you free.

Whether this information is pleasant or difficult to hear, it does not matter. This knowledge will come to you in the next few days through a dream, or else a person will tell you something.

Indeed, be grateful for the knowledge because it has been directed to you, by your soul.

Soul Reading 3
You are eternally loved

Heart and Soul Reading |

Help is on the way. The raging sea will soon abate and a great light will heal your heart. This is a time of deep, profound and positive transformation, but courage, strength and patience are required. You are supported by a sea of love.
Special Message

Your soul family in Heaven are sending love, at this very moment to you. You are still supported and loved by them, but in a different way. This love is as strong and ever lasting as the sea itself.
The love you receive, comes through your soul and filters into your mind.
Your soul knows it still has things to do here on Earth. Consequently, it has contacted Heaven on your behalf, and asked for the support you need in order to set about doing them.

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