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Four of Pentacles Meaning |

Suit: Suit of Pentacles
Card Type: Minor Arcana
Tarot Element: Earth
Star Sign: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
Planet: Jupiter
Angel: Archangel Uriel

Key Meaning: Building For The Future

The Four of Pentacles signifies that you are taking a longer-term view and building for your future.

Number Four Meaning In Tarot

All fours, including the Four of Cups, Four of Wands and Four of Swords indicate stability. As pentacles refer to material things, this card speaks of taking actions now which put you on a more secure footing in the future. For example, choosing saving over spending, work over play and healthy food over junk food. It’s a work now and play later attitude.

The number four is associated with strong foundations, taking care of the basic structure before expanding or building on top of it.

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Four of Pentacles Keywords

🥰 Upright: Saving, investing, weight loss
😒 Reversed: Over-spending, bad decisions, insecurity

Four of Pentacles Description

This description is based on the Rider Waite Tarot Deck. A wealthy man is surrounded by three pentacles and clutches another in his hand. In the background is the city where he lives and works successfully. This card is particularly affected by other cards around it in a Tarot spread. For someone with so much wealth, he does seem to be grasping those Pentacles rather tightly, doesn’t he? This can indicate that you are being ‘tight’ or mean with your resources, worried that people will take advantage of you. This could cause you to hold back and miss opportunities, in work, money or love. Alternatively, it could mean that you are simply being sensible with your resources (time and money), because you want to build for a brighter future. If you are uncertain which character you are, draw another card for guidance.

LOVE: What does The Four of Pentacles Mean when You Ask About Love?

When the 4 of Pentacles turns up in a love reading, the meaning will depend on whether or not you are in a relationship.

❤️ If you asked will I find love? – this card does not answer your question directly. Instead, it asks: do you tend to be clingy with lovers? Texting too much, trying to force the relationship too quickly? If so, try to stand back and allow love to come to you.

❤️ This card can indicate a relationship based on security, status or money, rather than passion. However, it is a secure relationship.

❤️ The most important relationship, is the one with yourself. This card can signify ‘me-time’ and putting your needs first.

CAREER: What does This Card Signify when You Ask About Work?

If your question relates to work, business, career or study and you receive the Four of Pentacles, then here is your guidance:

⭕ You are in a job because it offers security and a good income. However, you may not feel inspired or challenged.

⭕ This is a good time to work hard and build success one brick at a time. Set your goals and see them through, don’t be distracted.

⭕ You are at the point in your career or studies, where you begin to achieve authority and status.

Jobs associated with this card include: accounts, finance, banking, investor, fraud investigation, business reporter and analyst. It is also associated with large corporates and government bodies where there is a career structure in place.

Money Cards in Tarot

MONEY: What is the Meaning of The Four of Pentacles in a Money Reading?

If you asked the Tarot about money and finances, and you receive the 4 of Pentacles, it means:

💲You are taking a cautious and sensible attitude towards your finances. You are playing it safe and your wealth is growing.

💲 This is a good time to invest in a pension plan, long-term savings plan or rainy-day fund.

💲You receive a gift or inheritance. The amount is less than had you received the Ten of Pentacles.

Tarot Card Combination Meanings

“4 of Pentacles combined with Emperor” – Climbing the career ladder successfully.

“4 of Pentacles combined with Empress” – Acting like a clingy wife or mother.

“4 of Pentacles combined with Hermit” – Clever insights which could make money.

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HEALTH: What does The Four of Pentacles Mean when You Ask About Health?

In a health reading, the 4 of Pentacles can signify:

✔️Weight loss as a result of making sensible changes to your life-style. Avoiding quick-fixes.

✔️You are carrying emotional baggage and need to let go. Alternative healing such as reiki, massage and reflexology may help.

Health issues associated with this card include: obesity, edema, bloating, arthritis, tendonitis and limited range of motion.

YES/NO: Does The Four of Pentacles Mean Yes or No in a Reading?

❓ When you ask a Yes or No question and this Tarot card turns up, then the answer is YES.

TIMING: Does The Four of Pentacles Predict any Particular Timeframe?

🕔 This card is only a timing indication when you specifically asked a timeframe question. For example, if you want to know if something will happen, and when, then you need to draw two separate cards. These are in fact, two separate questions. This is a fundamental principle to understand if you want an accurate tarot reading – and it is core to my teaching in my book Tarot in 5 Minutes.

🕔 Using my timing method, the 4 of Pentacles is about 4 years. If the card is reversed, timing will be slightly longer – so up to 6 years.

Karina’s Timing Method:
Swords are days. Wands are weeks. Cups are months and Pentacles are years. Please note this is my personal timing method. Feel free to adopt it (or not).

What is the Meaning of The Four of Pentacles Reversed?

When the 4 of Pentacles is upside down then the Pentacle drops out of your hand. This could mean:

✔️ You have difficulty holding on to money. You spend too much, or you made bad decisions regarding money or property.

✔️There is instability in your financial world. You may fear losing your job, or your standard of living.

✔️In love, you fear that you are losing your power over someone, and this makes you feel insecure. Alternatively, you may feel trapped in a relationship because of finances and property.

✔️Other keywords associated a reversal include: bankruptcy, indecision, miserliness and fear of loss.

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