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Suit: Suit of Pentacles
Card Type: Minor Arcana
Tarot Element: Earth
Star Sign: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
Planet: Sun
Angel: Archangel Uriel

Key Meaning: Dedication

The Eight of Pentacles represents making progress through hard work and dedication.

Number 8 Meaning In Tarot

All eights, including the Eight of Cups, Eight of Swords and Eight of Wands represent a time of change and opportunity. As pentacles represent the material world of money, possessions, work and health, this Tarot card refers to opportunity resulting in one of these areas. Where you have made an effort to change and improve your life, you will receive your just rewards.

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Eight of Pentacles Keywords

🥰 Upright: Rewards, skill, dedication, learning
😒 Reversed: Bored, lacking skills and ambition

Eight of Pentacles Description

This description is based on the Rider Waite Tarot Deck. An apprentice sits at his bench, lost in his work. He is ‘in the zone’. On the shelf above him are a set of five completed coins. Although they seem identical, we get the sense that each one is slightly better than the next. These coins are not mass-produced, but individual and creative. Another three coins are being worked on, or waiting to be worked on. This Tarot card shows us how to fill our working day with joy. It reminds us that joy is the result of effort and mastering a skill. Any job, hobby or personal project will quickly become humdrum and boring, if we don’t invest time in it.

LOVE: What does The Eight of Pentacles Mean when You Ask About Love?

When the 8 of Pentacles turns up in a love reading, the meaning will depend on whether or not you are in a relationship.

❤️ If you asked will I find love? – the answer is yes. This card often means finding love later in life. Or, after graduation, if you are student.

❤️ If you wonder how someone feels about you – this card represents a workmanlike effort. It means they can see the benefits, but are not particularly inspired.

❤️ In a relationship, this card says your partnership could do with a bit of care and attention. The good news is, both of you seem willing to try.

❤️ If you want to repair a friendship or family relationship, now is a good time to try. Both parties are willing.

CAREER: What does This Card Signify when You Ask About Work?

If your question relates to work, business, career or study and you receive the 8 of Pentacles, then it means:

⭕Put your heart and soul into the learning process. This card represents learning, education and apprenticeship. Whether you are learning on the job, at college or self-taught – the more you put in, the more you will get out.

⭕ You receive a promotion.

⭕ You are well prepared for your exams.

⭕ You win an award or prize for your efforts. Or, you are commissioned to work on a project.

⭕ You realise the pleasure of working with your hands. You feel pride when you work with your natural talent. This card is associated with arts, crafts, trade and healing.

Careers associated with this card include: teaching or receiving higher education (MBA, Masters, Doctorate level), crafts, trade, cooking, alternative healing and writing non-fiction.

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MONEY: What is the Meaning of The Eight of Pentacles in a Money Reading?

If you asked the Tarot about money and finances, and you receive the 8 of Pentacles, it means:

💲 You are earning good money, but there is still plenty of room for growth.

💲 This is a good time to invest in yourself, especially if you want to learn a new skill or develop an idea or business.

💲 Do what is necessary to reach your financial goals. If you want to buy a house or retire, for example, then keep going. You will get there.

Tarot Card Combination Meanings

“8 of Pentacles combined with Page of Pentacles” – Passing on knowledge, mentorship or teaching

“8 of Pentacles combined with Death” – Learning the arts of the occult

“8 of Pentacles combined with the Hermit” – Writing your memories or personal insights

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HEALTH: What does The Eight of Pentacles Mean when You Ask About Health?

In a health reading, the 8 of Pentacles generally signifies good health. It shows that you are working hard to improve your health and get in shape. Self-discipline is always a good thing, and now you start to reap the rewards.

YES/NO: Does The Eight of Pentacles Mean Yes or No in a Reading?

❓ When you ask a Yes or No question and this Tarot card turns up, then the answer is YES.

TIMING: Does The Eight of Pentacles Predict any Particular Timeframe?

🕔 This card is only a timing indication when you specifically asked a timeframe question. For example, if you want to know if something will happen, and when, then you need to draw two separate cards. These are in fact, two separate questions. This is a fundamental principle to understand if you want an accurate tarot reading – and it is core to my teaching in my book Tarot in 5 Minutes.

🕔 Using my timing method, the 8 of Pentacles is about 8 years. If the card is reversed, timing will be slightly longer – so up to 12 years.

Karina’s Timing Method:
Swords are days. Wands are weeks. Cups are months and Pentacles are years. Please note this is my personal timing method. Feel free to adopt it (or not).

What is the Meaning of The Eight of Pentacles Reversed?

When the 8 of Pentacles is upside down then the pentacles fall off the shelf. This can mean:

✔️ You are working hard, but progress is slow. It feels like moving in slow motion through sticky trickle.

✔️Alternatively, you miss out on a job offer or promotion because you have been cutting corners. The jury has decided you are not as good as you think you are.

✔️In romance, a reversal can mean interest is waning; or lack of money is stressing your relationship.

✔️Other keywords associated a reversal include: boredom, unwarranted pride, sloppy work, lack of ambition and fake goods.

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