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Crystals: Peacock ore, desert rose, black obsidian, blue agate

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1: Desert Rose

Desert Rose Crystal Meaning

You were attracted to the desert rose crystal. In folklore, desert roses were believed to be carved by Native American warriors visiting from the spirit world.

This stone is a reminder that life is short – which we can forget sometimes. What looms large on your worry list today, will be forgotten about soon. Can you remember what you were worried about this time last year?

The guidance of this crystal is to have a little more perspective, to see events in the greater scheme.

Also, don’t be overcome by emotional outbursts – don’t keep things inside and then blow up. Calmly talk about what is on your mind, with those concerned. We are all travelers in time and space, just trying to get by as best we can. Try not to take offense too easily.

Crystal Reading 2: Peacock Ore

Peacock Ore Spiritual Meaning

You were attracted to the bornite crystal, also known as peacock ore.

This crystal is excellent for anyone looking to ‘rebirth’ a situation. It integrates the mind, body and soul – helping to breathe fresh life into a situation you may have lost hope in, or one which is wearing you down. This crystal helps you to push forward – to achieve what you want, but in a less stressful way.

The fact you were drawn to this crystal, means you are ready to conquer what is worrying you. In reality, the change is coming from within you. You’ve realized that stress is sapping you of energy, robbing you of the ability to make decisions and is wearing on your relationships. Stress does not change a situation. It simply robs you of the motivation to help yourself.

The guidance is, do more and stress less. The fact you have chosen this crystal, means you are already learning this. And it will be the one small thing, that hugely changes your life. It will solve most of your problems.

Crystal Reading 3: Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian Crystal Meaning

You were attracted to the black obsidian.

This is traditional stone of the shamans and is used to heal disorders of the body, draws away negativity and ward off curses.

This stone reminds you: you attract what you feel. If for example, you feel ‘I wish I was luckier’, you are saying you don’t believe you are lucky. This is a negative curse you place on yourself. If you find yourself too focused on what is ‘wrong’ with other people – then you are living in a place of negativity. The cells in your body can feel that negativity and respond with illness, and disharmony in your close relationships.

Your guidance is this: whatever it is that concerns you now – try to change how you feel about it. Choose to look at it from another perspective. Find a reason to see it as an opportunity – and then watch as the situation changes for the better.

Crystal 4: Blue Agate

Blue Agate Spiritual Meaning

You were attracted to the blue agate.

The agate stone is known to help soothe arguments and tension in the home or workplace. It is a calming stone with great strength. It helps you to find yourself and to speak your truth and move on without bitterness in your heart.

Whatever you are worried about – it does not matter – because it is how you feel inside that will determine the next phase of your life. This is a time of spiritual growth – and what form that spiritual growth takes, will be unique to you.

You are experiencing that spiritual growth now. Sometimes growth is fun, and sometimes it’s hard and painful. Either way, what you need to do now is understand what lesson is involved in the issues before you. Learn the lesson, don’t hide from it. Then put it behind you and celebrate as life becomes much better.

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