Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear Quartz Crystal, wand shape |

Color: Clear
Chakra: Crown chakra
To Buy: Cheap, and widely available online and in crystal stores
Zodiac Sign: Leo and Pisces
Tarot: Sun and Moon Tarot cards
Feather association: White feather
Note: Most beneficial crystal to own because it charges all your other crystals.

Spiritual Meaning of Clear Quartz

When you are drawn to the Clear Quartz crystal, it means you feel positive and excited by life. This stone has a very high vibration which is why it is linked to the Crown Chakra, the top part of your head where you connect to Higher Powers. The Clear Quartz tends to draw your attention, when you are ready to attract more success into your life. This is because when a person feels positive, their vibration is higher, and there is an energy match.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

When you’re feeling hopeful about the future, this crystal matches your vibration, and acts as an amplifier. It expands your positive energy and helps you to attract lucky opportunities and make the most of them, when they come your way.

This clear crystal is an essential stone for crystal therapy: When you place a Clear Quartz next to another crystal, it amplifies the energy of the other crystal. Think of it like a magical crystal battery, it strengthens the power of whatever stone it is placed next to. If you want to attract love using a Rose Quartz, for example, you should place it next to a Clear Quartz.

What are the Properties of Clear Quartz Crystal?

The Clear Quartz comes in many shapes and formations. The shape of your Quartz stone, can be highly significant. For example, a long formation, called a Laser Quartz is often used by Wicca and shamans as a wand for magic and spell casting. Candle Quartz looks like melting wax, and usually attracts people who are here to help raise the vibration of the planet.

Cathedral Quartz looks like the pointed roof of a cathedral, and is powerful in the hands of spiritual teachers.

Cathedral Quartz |
Cathedral Quartz

4 Keys Benefits of Clear Quartz

1. Strengthens Energy

This crystal is, most importantly, an energy amplifier. It absorbs, stores and releases energy in an efficient manner.

Clear Quartz regulates and strengthens the power of other crystals near it. It also helps to regulate your enthusiasm, so that your positive mood remains stable, whatever is going on in your life.

2. Unblocks Energy

When you hold a Clear Quartz in your hand, it doubles your bio-magnetic field. This essentially helps to release any stagnant energy stored inside you. When our energy is stagnant, we find it difficult to feel enthusiastic about anything, and struggle to take decisions on our future. Energy stagnation can also slow down healing, if you are trying to heal from an emotional or physical condition.

3. Soul Cleanser

This stone is considered a deep soul cleanser, in that it helps you reconnect your body and mind with your spirit. If you’re keen to live your Life Purpose and discover your life path and gifts, then a Clear Quartz is an essential stone to keep near you, in your work space or place of study.

There are different types of Clear Quartz, which are better for certain tasks. For example, an Elestial Quartz is great for understanding your karma and in helping you to learn how to trust the Universe. A Fenster Quartz can aid clairvoyance and psychic and mediumship work. If you are interested in astral travel or out-of-body experiences, then you should locate a Faden Quartz.

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When Should You Use Clear Quartz Stones?

I recommend you only use a Clear Quartz when you FEEL ready to attract more success and abundance into your life. This stone can’t help you much when you’re feeling down or lost, there are better stones for that purpose (like the Tiger Eye Crystal). The Clear Quartz is an amplifier, meaning it reacts to your vibes. When the time is right and you begin to feel more enthusiastic, then grab your Quartz and hold it for a few seconds every morning in your hand. It will feed on your enthusiasm, and amplify your mood further.

Exception: If you are using another stone for the purpose of healing, such as an Amethyst crystal, you can place it next to a Clear Quartz because the Clear Quartz will react to the vibe of the Amethyst.

Where Should You Place Your Clear Quartz?

I recommend you keep a Clear Quartz in your workspace or meditation area.

What are the Healing Benefits of Clear Quartz?

This crystal can help heal all conditions, when placed next to an Amethyst crystal which is considered a Master Healer.

Clear quartz next to an amethyst.
Amethyst (left) and Quartz (right)

Instant Meditation with a Clear Quartz Crystal

If you enjoy meditation, try this crystal healing:

Lie down and place a Clear Quartz on the ground just above your head. Next, place an Amethyst on the area of your body which needs healing. Listen to some relaxing music for a few minutes and allow this crystal duo to deliver some powerful cleansing.

How to Set Intentions Using Clear Quartz

The Clear Quartz is an essential stone for intention candles because it increases the power of the other crystals around it. In other words, this stone is the ultimate crystal for attracting success in any manifestation ritual you perform.

Not sure what an intention candle is? Check out: Love Candles to attract love, and Wealth Candles to attract money.

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