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What Does Clairsentience Mean?

When we talk of instinct, hunches and gut feelings we are often referring to one distinct area of psychic awareness: the skill of clairsentience. This word means ‘clear feeling’ or ‘clear sensing’. It describes the sensory feeling you have while receiving messages and guidance from spirit guides and Heaven.

Clairsentience is considered by many psychic circles as the most important of the ‘four clairs‘. The four clairs are: clairsentience (recognizing feelings), clairvoyance (seeing images), clairaudience (hearing voices) and claircognizance (knowing).

Clairs are considered to be extra sensory perception (ESP), because these abilities reach beyond the physical world to spiritual dimensions. For example, you ‘hear’ the voice of spirits, but not with your physical ears. You ‘sense’ someone’s pain but not because they tell you they are in pain.

A person who works with their ‘clairs’ is commonly called a psychic or medium. Typically, clairsentience abilities are trained for the purposes of mediumship, divination and energy healing.

How to Pronounce Clairsentience and Clairsentient

Listen to Karina explain how to say clairsentience. You are a clairsentient.

What Does it Feel Like to be Clairsentient?

A person who uses their clairsentience ability is called a clairsentient.

Have you ever felt suddenly happy for no reason, and then something good ends up happening? Or perhaps you felt a sense of danger or foreboding and then something bad happened. If so, you were using your natural clairsentience ability.

Those with advanced clairsentience abilities, experience the emotions and sensations of other people and spirits as though they are happening to them. The feelings commonly described as clairsentience are actually natural extensions of our intuition. We have all experienced times when our intuition was acute and we are able to listen to it and respond accordingly.

Your intuition tells you that it would be a good time to telephone a friend; you have a ‘gut feeling’ that she is in need of some support and, before you have walked across the room to pick up the telephone, it starts ringing. There are numerous examples of good choices that we make through listening effectively to our intuition.

As children we are open intuitively and emotionally; then, as we grow, we learn to shut out these aspects of our awareness. Men are told they have to be logical and dispassionate and regard emotional sensitivity as a bad thing. In order to develop good clairsentience, a person needs to unlearn the judgements and restrictions they learnt as children. We need to become more emotionally and intuitively ‘vulnerable’.

Signs That You Have Clairsentience Abilities

Everyone in the world has clairsentience abilities, because every human being is a spiritual soul encased in a physical body. All souls have psychic gifts and the innate ability to connect with the other side. Some connect more easily than others, but mostly, this is because they have studied psychic development, mediumship or healing. In order to become adept, we must all train. That said, some people are more naturally sensitive, and if that is you, you may find it helpful to receive a spiritual guidance reading from a trusted psychic.

8 Top Signs of Clairsentience

Here are the main signs that you are clairsentient. You:

  1. Sense when there is something wrong with someone, even when others can’t see it
  2. Can instantly tell when someone is lying
  3. Sometimes feel an instant dislike for someone, and others accuse you of being too ‘judgmental’. You turn out to be right
  4. Experience goosebumps, or shivers as a confirmation of the truth. It is your sign that you are ‘right’
  5. Are a chameleon, and can match other people’s mood and body language to make them feel relaxed
  6. Are selective about your friends because people are draining
  7. Even though your inner circle is small, people see you as charming and able to mix comfortably with all social classes and ages
  8. Are fascinated by history and ancient places because you can ‘feel’ the history and people who used to live there

What is The Difference Between Clairsentient and Empath?

Clairsentience is similar to being an empath. An empath will feel sympathy and compassion for those around them. They can ‘sense’ what the other person is feeling as though they were feeling it themselves. This is why it can be exhausting to be an empath.

A clairsentient will also pick up the same psychic information, but they are able to remain one step removed and observe more dispassionately. The clairsentient maintains a calmer mind, which allows space for their spirit team to enter with advice and guidance. Typically a clairsentient will feel what the issue is, and know what the person should do about it. They can pass on the guidance, and walk away without feeling totally drained like an empath.

One might call an empath ‘the bleeding heart’ of the world, a truly kind and caring person. A clairsentient may absorb the same information, but does not necessarily have as much concern for those involved. If someone is a professional psychic, medium or healer, it is important for this reason that they operate with their clairsentience abilities, rather than empathy. A clairsentient must remain one step removed, in order to help the many, rather than the few.

Earth Angels is a New Age term for people who are naturally empathetic, but who also have a highly developed clairsentience ability. They can feel other people’s pain, but they can also use the pain and turn it into some useful. Earth Angels are the type of people who become activists, raising awareness, helping to change things, heal people or do something meaningful with their time on Earth. This combination of empathy and clairsentience makes them truly special indeed.

Affirmation to Develop Your Clairsentience

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Here are some daily affirmations to help you use your imagination constructively and to open your mind, body and emotions to greater clairsentient ability. These declarations will in fact always be valuable to you regardless of your unique psychic and intuitive abilities. The development of your ‘gut’ awareness will always support your clairvoyant, clairaudient and healing abilities.

Daily Affirmations For Intuitive Awareness

  • It is safe for me to develop my intuition
  • My intuitive awareness grows in strength and sensitivity
  • I trust the power of my imagination
  • I easily harness and use my psychic gifts
  • I am a creative, imaginative and intuitive person

Daily Affirmations For Clairsentience

  • It is easy for me to act upon my clairsentient abilities
  • My instincts are valuable, effective and highly developed
  • I am a powerfully clairsentient person

The Mind Within The Body

The terms ‘gut’ feeling or ‘gut’ intuition are not accidental ones. The area of the body between the heart and the groin which encompasses the stomach and solar plexus is particularly sensitive and could be said to have its own intelligence. Indeed, the stomach and solar plexus contain two of the seven main energy centres or chakras that are integral to the teachings of the Indian Yogic system.

What is more, on a physiological level this region of the body contains a mass of nerve-endings and, while it is quite different, it could be said that it rivals the area of the brain in its complexity. Is it possible that each of us has a brain in our body as well as in our head, and that we have a body-mind or body intelligence to match?

We tend to experience pleasure and pain in the gut. The sensation of being loved and accepted, or the pain of loss or rejection hits us physically in this area. It is also in the gut that we often experience a feeling for the environment we are in or the people we meet. Walking into a house with an unsettled atmosphere may leave us with an unsettled feeling in the pit of our stomach, while meeting a person who is genuinely kind, honest, friendly and pleased to see us will invariably leave us with a warm glow that is quite tangible.

Mediation Exercise To Improve Your Clairsentience

Your clairsentience supports you in health, happiness and success and guides you to places and people that are most suitable for your well-being. Here is a meditation to help you develop your ‘gut’ awareness and train your psychic abilities:

Meditation: Stimulating ‘Gut’ Awareness

Step 1

Sit comfortably with your back supported and your body open and relaxed, your arms and legs uncrossed. If you prefer you can lie down for this, but make sure that you keep your body open rather than curled up.

Step 2

Breathe deeply, allowing every breath to fill your lungs completely without straining, and then slowly exhaling. Take a couple of minutes to notice the feeling of your breath as it moves in and out of your body and then gently allow it to assume its own deep rhythm for a while.

Step 3

Imagine that the area of your solar plexus (just below the centre of your rib cage) and stomach contains a powerful mind that steadily vibrates with the impulses from its own intelligence, awareness and sensitivity. Every physical sensation, feeling and emotion exists as a ripple of awareness from this extraordinary body-mind.

Step 4

Imagine yourself breathing directly into your body-mind, the breath from your lungs easily connecting you to your physical and emotional intelligence. Be aware of stimulating a stronger relationship between this part of yourself and your conscious awareness so that you are always attuned to the power of your gut instinct.

What are the feelings that you sense within your body at this time? What are your emotions telling you? Are you feeling calm, excited, sad, joyful, turbulent, peaceful, passionate, angry or loving? Do your best to notice all of your physical and emotional sensations and accept them, allowing them to ebb and flow in their own way and at their own pace.

Step 5

Now, imagine your solar plexus and stomach filling with colored light that is reminiscent of bright sunshine. Ripples of clear yellow, vibrant orange, shimmering red and fresh, light gold gently penetrate this area, bringing softness, warmth and illumination.

The colored lights are accompanied by rippling sounds of beautiful chimes and a soft, pulsing heartbeat percussion that creates a greater sense of ease within your body. Breathe deeply and allow yourself to experience a feeling of expansion as your stomach muscles begin to relax and waves of energy spread from there to stimulate and calm every area of your body.

Step 6

Sense the energy of this light, sound and feeling touching you deeply to awaken the extrasensory power that is available to you through this area of your body. Your ‘gut’ awareness is healed and stimulated to receive positive sensual information. Your innate clairsentience is strengthened and enhanced. Again, notice any particular feelings or sensations that you receive at this time. Does your body have a message for you? Can you feel any insights contained within your emotions? Just notice without expectation or judgement and accept what you feel.

Step 7

When you are ready to complete this exercise, visualize a shield of copper and gold that runs, 360 degrees, around your body from just below your heart to just above your groin. Know that you can dissolve this shield whenever you choose to, but that it provides you with solidity, stability, protection and a feeling of security as you continue to expand into greater intuitive awareness.

Many people with clairsentience abilities, often turn out be very good cartomancers. Cartomancy is the reading of cards, such as Tarot cards and Oracle cards, for the purpose of fortune telling or prophecy telling.

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