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What Is Clairaudience?

Clairaudience is the term used for psychic hearing abilities. It can be literally defined as ‘clear hearing’. A clairaudient person receives psychic information in the form of subtle sounds, words or ideas that are perceived and interpreted through the hearing centers of the brain.

Clairaudience is one of the main ‘four clairs’ or psychic senses:  clairsentience (recognizing feelings), clairvoyance (seeing images), clairaudience (hearing voices) and claircognizance (knowing). All of these abilities are grouped under the term extrasensory perception (ESP).

How to Pronounce Clairaudience and Clairaudient

Listen to Karina say clairaudience and I am clairaudient

What Does It Feel Like to Be Clairaudient?

Someone who uses the metaphysical ability of clairaudience is called clairaudient. What does it feel like to receive messages as a clairaudient?

For some, it feels like how one might self-talk or talk to yourself inside your own mind.

Some people hear voices which give them direct information about themselves or about the needs, feelings, actions or motivations of others. Other sensitives do not tangibly ‘hear’ in this way, they just seem to know things as if they had heard about them. Many people have a degree of clairaudience but do not recognize it as such because, like so many other psychic abilities, it has always been there. We may have always received words, thoughts or sounds of inspiration inside our mind without ever questioning their source and their precise nature.

Who is Speaking to You When You Hear Voices?

If you are receiving clairaudience sounds or messages, you may wonder, who or what exactly is communicating with me?

The voice can be described as your subconscious or higher self, or the voice of God, the Universe. It may also be the voice of spirit guides, angels or other entities.

Understanding The Types of Clairaudience

Objective Clairaudience

Have you ever heard someone speaking to you only to turn around and realize that there is no one there? Like clairvoyance, some clairaudient ability is quite objective in nature. Objective clairaudients hear psychically transmitted sounds and spoken language as if they were hearing them physically, out loud. Sometimes, they may even hear music, most commonly reported, is the sound of angel choirs.

Subjective Clairaudience

Most clairaudients however, are more likely to develop subjective clairaudience. The psychic noises a clairaudient hears are received as impressions of sounds or words or, alternatively, thoughts, concepts and ideas that just seem to appear in their minds.

Some people receive their best ideas from clairaudient messages. You may receive solutions to problems, business strategies and new inventions, all transmitted through clairaudience as well as some of the other psychic senses. Psychics often use subjective clairaudience in divination and fortune telling readings.

How to Develop Clairaudience

Perhaps even more than some other psychic abilities, clairaudience is often a case of ‘tuning in’ to the right frequencies. It is said that physical sound vibrates at particular rates, and the same is true for clairaudient sound. The key is to widen the range in which we are able to receive and perceive information through the hearing senses so that we are able to discern sound resonance that is outside the confines of our physical sense of hearing.

Here are some declarations and exercises to help you begin.

Clairaudience Exercise

Exercise: Tuning The ‘Radio’

Step 1

Sit comfortably with your back supported and your body open and relaxed, your arms and legs uncrossed. Breathe deeply and, with your thoughts, place a shield of golden light around your ears for healing and protection. Imagine that the light is filled with a steady, high-pitched sound, a little like a continuous chime that creates a sense of peace, balance and clarity within you. Know that as you expand your range of hearing you automatically tune in to frequencies that are safe and beneficial for you at this time.

Step 2

Next, imagine yourself with an inner dial like a radio and a knob that you can turn to tune your hearing in to the following frequencies:
a. Your own higher self. Imagine that you are able to tune your hearing in to the frequencies of your own higher awareness. This is the part of you that sees the bigger picture of your life, even when your conscious mind is in a state of confusion. The higher awareness often acts as a bridge for a range of psychic information that originates from outside sources, so it is always a good place to start. You could represent this ‘tuning in’ to yourself by imagining a subtle change in sound or picturing yourself entering a specific area of your dial.
b. The realms of your higher guides. Hold an intention that you wish to connect only to the realms of higher guidance and ask that you work with guiding energies which truly serve your highest good. Once you have sent out this clear mental message, imagine tuning your hearing to receive clairaudient information from your higher guides. Sense a subtle sound change as before and see yourself moving into another area of your dial.
c. Areas of the natural world. Imagine tuning your hearing so that you are available to the subtle sound vibrations of the natural world. The spirits of animals and plants have their subtle sounds and you may have a special ability to work with nature. Some people can even ‘hear’ as well as feel changes in the weather before they occur.

Step 3

In all cases, note any information that comes to you through your ears, your other psychic senses or your imagination. Make a note of any insights you have. You may receive very little clairaudience when you first practice this, but it is worth persisting. After a while you may find that your ears automatically tune in to receive clairaudient information at particular times and in appropriate situations.

Step 4

Complete this process by bringing your hearing safely back to the frequencies of your own higher awareness and by shielding your ears once again with protective light and sound. Avoid practicing this exercise immediately before you spend time in very busy, noisy places.

Exercise: Listening To Guidance

When you have practiced ‘tuning in’ a few times on different occasions you may wish to listen for some specific aspects of guidance from spirit guides. Begin by taking a few minutes to write down some questions or areas of enquiry that are important for you at this time and then ‘tune in’ in the normal way. Slowly ask your questions and take some time to breathe deeply and listen for responses. Remember to make a note of any insights you receive, and make sure you ‘tune out’ and protect your hearing once you are complete. Here are some examples of questions you could ask:

“What can I best do at this time to strengthen and enhance my psychic abilities?’
“What can I do to heal my life?”
“How can I best use my psychic gifts?”

In addition, you may wish to ask questions about the source of the information that is coming to you. Whose voice, concept or idea are you listening to? Notice any clairvoyant or clairsentient information that you may also receive.

Daily Affirmations for Clairaudience

  • I safely expand the range of my hearing.
  • My hearing brings me joy and transformation.
  • It is safe for me to develop my clairaudience.
  • My senses are safely attuned to higher frequencies.

Best Crystal For Clairaudience

The ears are ruled by the Third Eye Chakra. The best crystal for activating the blue energy of communication in this area is Lapis Lazuli, the stone of spiritual awakening.

Receiving Messages From Your Higher Mind

Most of us certainly receive a degree of clairaudient information from our higher mind. Usually we are unaware of it because it has always been there. Clairaudient words of wisdom may just seem like common sense from a familiar inner voice and, indeed, that is often exactly what it is.

The higher mind or higher awareness gives us many clues or pointers to the life choices we need to make and to the people we need to meet and learn from along the way. We may have words, names or sounds whispered into our ears or particular thoughts or concepts that just seem to arrive in our minds, seemingly from nowhere and sometimes accompanied by interesting sensations around the ears, such as clicking sounds, ringing or white noise (the static sound between radio stations).

Our higher mind is our greatest ally. It has a clearer view of our spiritual development than we have at a conscious level, and it is committed to our greatest purpose, joy and success. It is important to consult this part of ourselves when we are making significant changes in our lives, facing important decisions or wishing to take the appropriate step towards greater psychic awareness.

Daily affirmations for higher awareness:

  • I trust my own higher wisdom.
  • It is safe for me to move to the next level of awareness now.
  • My mind fully connects to the guidance that is available for me.
  • I am willing to receive higher guidance.
  • This body easily receives messages of higher wisdom.

Receiving Messages From Guides And Helpers

Many psychics are guided by spirit guides who are able to offer valuable information and support through clairaudience. Some believe that their guides are people who were once physically alive and who now inhabit a higher spiritual dimension.

In some cases, their guides may be considered to be known relatives, friends or former partners who continue to offer guidance to the people they love beyond the limits of their physical mortality. Others, subscribing to a belief in reincarnation, believe the psychic intervention of spirit guides who take the form of personalities they once knew in a former life. These particular guides may be helping the person work out karma in this life.

Many more psychics talk of spirits who are considerably more enlightened than we are and who continue to advance their spiritual growth by assisting us with ours. Western spiritualists have guides who, in life, were born of races and cultures that have much to teach us. I know healers, channelers and other clairvoyants who have Chinese doctors, Tibetan monks, African medicine men, native American shamans and Indian mystics as guides. Some consider their spirit guides to be angels.

Always ask for the highest guidance available to you and do not settle for anything less than loving, considerate, compassionate and balanced psychic information. True spirit guides and angels have our best interests at heart. They come to us with positive intent, good humor, warmth and a genuine concern for our spiritual development.

Top 5 Signs That Your Clairaudience is Activating

Here are the top 5 signs that your clairaudience is activating.


  1. Hear your name being called out, but no-one is there.
  2. Hear static white noise, clicking sounds or ringing in one or both ears. This is a form of recalibration.
  3. Pick up voices of people having conversations, but you can’t quite work out what they are saying.
  4. Feel inspired, as creative thoughts and solutions pop into your mind out of the blue.
  5. Enjoy having fictional conversations in your head with people. This indicates your inner-mind hearing facility is well developed.

If you find a red feather, it can also be a sign from Archangel Uriel that you have good clairaudience abilities.

Could Schizophrenia be Connected to Clairaudience?

The Misunderstanding between Schizophrenia and Clairaudience, is an article published in Journal of Metaphysical Thought (2018), by Philippa Sue Richardson. She makes the case that many Schizophrenics, may be medically misdiagnosed and are in fact, clairaudients. The most prominent symptom of Schizophrenia is auditory hallucinations, hearing voices. Rather than treating the condition with pharmaceutical drugs to ‘quieten’ the voices, she poses the hypothesis of treating the condition as a spiritual ability, which needs to be managed and trained.

The Misunderstanding between Schizophrenia and Clairaudience. PDF:

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