Chakra Blockage Test

Chakra Blockage Test |

Chakras are little swirling centers of energy in your body. When one of these centers is blocked, it can cause all sorts of problems. Use this Chakra Blockage Test to discover if you have any blocked chakras, and what it means if you do.

Look at the 7 main chakra points on the chart below. Study each one. How does each color make you feel?

Chart of the 7 Chakras |
Chakra Blockage Test Chart

Signs a Chakra Is Blocked

When you look at a color on the chart you feel:

  • Nauseous
  • Tearful
  • Anxious
  • Tired

Signs a Chakra Is Healthy

When you look at a color on the chart you feel:

  • Happy
  • Energized
  • Warm and fuzzy

If you feel nothing when you look at a color, then it means the chakra is in neutral position. Neutral is also fine, as not all chakras need to be spinning and activated at the same time.

Root Chakra Blocked

Does it feel like your root chakra is blocked?

The root chakra, also called the base chakra, is first and foremost about survival.

If this energy center is flowing freely you feel empowered, positive and confident.

A block in this area however causes anxiety, insecurity, lack of motivation, fear about the future and general ill health.

Health problems stemming from a block in the root chakra can manifest as infertility and issues with the reproductive organs. It also affects the legs/ankles/knees, lower back and hips – these muscle and joints are needed to walk, stiffness or problems indicates a fear of moving forward on life’s journey.

A blockage here is also associated with sciatica, arthritis, eating disorders and constipation.

How to Unblock Your Root Chakra

First thing in the morning, focus on this red image.

Red Root Chakra |

Rub the sides of your hips with both hands and repeat several times:
I am secure and happy.

Sacral Chakra Blocked

Does it feel like your sacral chakra is blocked?

The sacral is your joy center. If it is swirling in a healthy way, you will feel quite happy, generally with life. You have an instinctive sense that life is a blessing, and adopt a glass half full mentality.

When the sacral is open you feel creative and want to express your joy in a creative way. Everyone is different, how you express your joy will be unqiue to you. Maybe you sing along to the radio, bake cakes, write, paint or feel a desire to socialize with others.

When your sacral is blocked, you suffer mood swings, your relationships are problematic and people don’t respond positively to you (a reflection of the energy you are emitting). Addictions are easier to form and harder to give up. If life has little laughter, chances are, this center is blocked.

Ailments associated with a blocked sacral: Physical problems with the lower back and hips; urinary problems.

How to Unblock Your Sacral Plexus

First thing in the morning, focus on this orange image.

Orange Sacral Chakra |

Rub around the belly button in a clockwise direction and repeat several times:
I am so happy I could burst.

Solar Plexus Blocked

When you experience a ‘gut feeling’ or ‘butterflies’ in your stomach, you are feeling with your solar plexus. The solar plexus is your second mind, your intuition center.

If you have problems hearing or trusting your intuition, this energy center needs attention. If you are easily intimidated by others, or are prone to angry outbursts, then your solar plexus is out of balance.

Ailments associated with a blocked solar plexus: Fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, colon diseases, and digestive disorders.

How to Unblock Your Solar Plexus

First thing in the morning, focus on this yellow image.

Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra |

Rub your tummy area above the belly button in a clockwise direction and repeat several times:
I trust my intuition.

Heart Chakra Blocked

The heart chakra is your love center. When it flows freely you love yourself and are easily stirred to feel compassion for others – people, animals and the environment. Holding on to anger, pain or fear blocks this chakra, it affects your ability to love and attract loving situations.

A block here literally gives you the feeling of needing to get something ‘off your chest’. Physical signs that you have toxins in the energy field around your heart include high blood pressure, joint stiffness, indigestion, burping, hiccups, chest and upper back problems.

If you are interested in spiritual work, freeing the heart chakra makes connecting with Spirit easier.

How to Unblock Your Heart Chakra

First thing in the morning, focus on this green image.

Green Heart Chakra |

Rub your heart area in a clockwise direction. Repeat several times: 
I am full of love.

Throat Chakra Blocked

The throat chakra is a major highway in the body. It is where information is received from the other chakras and is outwardly communicated.

If the throat chakra is blocked, you have trouble expressing your true feelings or feel nervous in situations where you are the main focus, such as job interviews. A physical sign of a block in this area is a sore throat. The eyes, nose and/or ears may also be affected.

How to Unblock Your Throat Chakra

First thing in the morning, focus on this blue image.

Throat Chakra |

Rub your throat area in a clockwise direction and repeat several times:

I find the right words to express my thoughts and feelings.

Third Eye Blocked

The third eye is your gate way to the Other World, it is the home of your psychic senses.

When this chakra is balanced, your psychic abilities grow and a gateway to the spiritual realm is opened. The third eye is the hotline to your soul (higher self) and inner knowing.

When the third eye is blocked you experience headaches, eye disorders, hay fever, sinus problems, sleeplessness and hormone fluctuations.

How to Unblock Your Third Eye

First thing in the morning, focus on this image.

Blue Third Eye Chakra Blockage Test |

Rub the side of eyes (temples area) in a clockwise direction and repeat several times:

I am safe to see everything I need to know.

Crown Chakra Blocked

This chakra connects you to the world of spirits and angels. When it is open and balanced you have the potential to achieve great inner peace and enlightenment. It is your crowning glory. In traditional paintings saints are depicted with a halo around their head, this implies that their crown chakra is shining brightly. The crown chakra is worth focusing on if you want to improve your connection with the spiritual world.

When the crown chakra is blocked you can suffer from vertigo, lightheadedness, fainting and chronic headaches. A blockage in this area is also associated with lack of inspiration, feeling unmotivated with life, confusion and a desire to oversleep.

How to Unblock Your Crown Chakra

First thing in the morning, focus on this purple image.

Crown Chakra Blockage Test |

Rub the top of your head in a clockwise direction and repeat several times:

I am ready to receive the spirit world.

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Chakra Blockage Test

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