Celtic Tree Sign

What is my Druid Tree Astrology Sign?

In this article, discover your celtic tree sign, also referred to as druid tree sign or celtic birth tree astrology.

The Celtic Druids divided the year into 13 months based on the phases of the moon. So rather than centering time around they sun, they centered it around the moon – the lunar calendar. They also believed that trees and plants have symbolic attributes which can be linked to a person according to the time of year you were born.

Which Celtic Sign Rules Your Birthday? 

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Birch Tree (Dec 24-Jan 20)

Birch Celtic Tree Sign Meaning | KarinasTarot.com

People born under the Birch Celtic tree sign (or Beith, Celtic translation) are known as The Achievers.

In Celtic astrology, this symbolizes you have the ability to go far in life when you focus your energy on specific goals.

Your energy comes from a fire that burns deep within you, but that fire will consume you if you are aimless. It’s always important for Birch Trees to have direction.

Your biggest challenge in life is to discover who you are and what you want. As you discover your purpose, you become the Light that others follow. This may involve a career move or becoming involved in an activity within the community.

Your biggest gift to humanity? You make others smile and see the humor in life, no matter how hard their circumstances. This may be borne of your own experiences, but not always. You are after all, a Light bearer and trusted servant of the spirit world.

You make the world a brighter place by your practical advice and unique spiritual outlook.

The best way for you to uncover your life purpose, is to first ensure you are emotionally stable, not up and down. Find your inner calmness and try not to be triggered by other people. When you are calm, the world around you is calmer.

Compatibility Signs: Vines and Willows.
Crystal: Clear quartz rejuvenates birch people. Place one of these small crystals in your bath water, or foot spa, to boost emotional healing.

Rowan Tree (Jan 21-Feb 17)

Rowan Tree Spiritual Meaning | KarinasTarot.com

People born under the Rowan Celtic tree sign (Luis is the Celtic translation) are known as The Thinkers.

If you are true to your Celtic astrological sign, it means you enjoy pondering the big questions in life like Who am I? Is there a God? Is there alien life in the Universe?

The answers you receive eventually, over time, are supposed to help us all.

They say, there is always one good book within a Rowan tree sign waiting to be written. Have you written a book yet?

Some may think you aloof, but that’s only because you don’t need to hog the limelight – you are much more interested in observing and learning. When you do speak, your words have greater impact. Others tend to want to hear what you have to say.

Rowan’s are perhaps the most spiritual Celtic sign, although you can be a late developer in this regard.

While you are good at fitting in, shape shifting to your environment, it is only once you accept that you are different to others, that you can go on to achieve extra-ordinary things.

Compatibility Signs: Hawthorn and Ivy
Crystal: Green peridot crystal boosts your confidence so you can finally realise how unique and special you are. Keep this stone near you while you sleep.

Ash Tree (Feb 18-Mar 17)

Ash Tree Celtic Spiritual Meaning | KarinasTarot.com

People born under the Ash Celtic tree sign (Nuin is the Celtic translation) are known as The Enchanters.

You were born to enchant the world with your enthusiasm and creativity. Some of you will spread joy through your writing, art, converstation or cooking, or something else entirely unique to you.

You are highly sensitive which means dull weather, negative people and unattractive environments can adversely effect your mood. To counteract this, spend time in nature – a walk in the woods, park, or by the sea.

There will be times in your life, when you act like a recluse. These periods could last weeks, months or even years. But eventually, you always re-emerge more enchanting than ever.

Consider yourself a butterfly, but one which cocoons and is reborn several times in a lifetime.

This is normal for the Ash, so go with the flow.

Compatibility Signs: Willow and Reeds
Crystal: Coral stone allows your imagination to take flight. Keep this stone near you, or wear it as jewellery.

Alder Tree (Mar 18-Apr 14)

Alder Tree Celtic Meaning | KarinasTarot.com

People born under the Alder Celtic tree sign (Fern is the Celtic translation) are known as The Pathfinders.

You are considered the most popular of all the tree signs, probably because you know how to ‘blend’ with people – you can shape shift to match their mood and intellect.

Because of this ability you may find people seek you out for advice, they have confidence in you and your abilities, even if you don’t always in yourself!

When you reach for the stars, others feel you are rightly fulfilling your destiny. When you believe it too, there are no limits to the magic you can achieve.

Compatibility Signs: Birches and Hawthorns

Crystal: Ruby helps you focus and make decisions. Keep this stone near you, or just wear something ruby-red for a few days when you need a bit more clarity about life.

Willow Tree (Apr 15-May 12)

Willow Tree Celtic Tree Meaning | KarinasTarot.com

People born under the Willow Celtic tree sign (Saille, Celtic translation) are known as The Observers.

You are the most intuitive (even psychic) of all the tree signs. If you are true to your Celtic astrological path, you will seek out psychic development courses.

The Willow is in tune with Mother Nature and is ruled by the moon, so lunar phases will have a big effect on you.

You may find you are luckier than most people, or your luck increases when you act on your intuition. Your intuition is the voice of angels guiding you.

You may not enjoy being in the spotlight, but don’t let that hold you back from being everything you were born to be.

Willows make great psychics, mediums, healers, therapists, nurses, counsellors, hairdressers and beauty specialists.

Compatibility Signs: Ivy and Birch
Crystal: Moonstone. This crystal attracts good luck and fortune, it creates a happy home and is thought to dispense tension in a room after an argument. Keep this stone near you at all times.

Hawthorne Tree (May 13-Jun 9)

Hawthorne Celtic Tree Sign Meaning | KarinasTarot.com

People born under the Hawthorne Celtic tree sign (Huathe, Celtic translation) are known as The Illusionists.

The face you show to the world is quite different to the person within, the real you. In fact people, even those closest to you, would be surprised if you started saying what you really thought.

It’s important that you know, there is a flame of passion simmering within you. When the moment is right, it will alight and transform your life.

One day, you wake up and sense or KNOW, that now is the time to follow your heart. This could happen in your 20s, or in your 40s, 50s or 60s.

You are a great listener, which means you don’t always reveal that much about yourself.

As you are so used to keeping your true thoughts to yourself, it will come as a surprise to others when you are finally ready to reveal some truths.

Compatibility Signs: Rowans and Ash
Crystal:Topaz. This stone helps you achieve your financial goals, as Hawthorns are not always the best at budgeting! Keep the stone near you, or wear it as jewellery.

Oak Tree (Jun 10-Jul 7)

Oak Tree Celtic Sign Meaning | KarinasTarot.com

People born under the Oak Celtic tree sign (Druir, Celtic translation) are known as The Strong Ones.

One of the most powerful Celtic signs, Oaks are highly protective of those they love and are most likely to stand up for those who can’t help themselves, or those who are being bullied or treated unfairly.

While life may get you down from time to time, you have a wonderful ability to bounce back. You are as strong as the oak tree. You bend in the wind, but never break.

People love being around you, because they know they can trust you.

Oak tree signs make fantastic parents, teachers and coaches and are great community and charity workers.

Compatibility Signs: Reed, Ivy, Ash
Crystal: Diamond. This gem boosts your physical and spiritual energy, helping you to stay positive and keep going. If you don’t have a diamond, then wearing diamante or cubic zirconia are good substitutes.

Holly Tree (Jul 8-Aug 4)

Holly Tree Celtic Spiritual Meaning | KarinasTarot.com

People born under the Holly Celtic tree sign (Tinne, Celtic translation) are known as The Rulers.

You are noble in your behaviour, perhaps having lived as a ruler or powerful healer in a past life. You are an old soul, walking amongst us.

If you are true to your nature, you will confidently tackle life as a project that you came here to complete. It’s worth checking out what Karma you have to complete – try my Karma Test.

Dearest Holly tree sign, you will never be defeated by life, so know that it is always safe to push yourself and take a few risks.

You are kind to those you meet along the way. While some take advantage of your kindness, you feel superior in a way and are thus able to give generously.

This superiority is not a negative attribute, rather it means you feel blessed – simply to be alive on this beautiful planet Earth. You recognise others are not always able to view life with the same degree of wonder and appreciation.

Compatibility Signs: Elder and Ash

Crystal: Carnelian stone helps sooth your moods and relieve anxiety, particularly when you come up against others who are not as positive as you. Keep it near you or put it in the water when you have a bath or foot soak.

Hazel Tree (Aug 5-Sep 1)

Hazel Celtic Tree Sign Meaning | KarinasTarot.com

People born under the Hazel Celtic tree sign (Coll, Celtic translation) are known as The All-Knowing.

In medieval times the Hazel was known as the Tree of Knowledge and was also considered a symbol of fertility.

Hazels are curious and have a thirst for knowledge (some of you were High Priests and Priestesses in former lives, dedicated to seeking wisdom).

You tend to be the most gifted in the classroom and have a good memory. It’s important to keep learning and educating yourself, no matter what stage of life you are at.

Your purpose in this life is to absorb knowledge, be that through books, courses, travel or a variety of experiences.

You may chop and change jobs, interests and hobbies many times over your life. Don’t take this as a sign of ‘failure’, rather it means you are successfully completing your life mission.

Your life motto is this: Fun lies in learning and trying new things.

When you stop learning, or trying new things, you are no longer on purpose.

Maybe it’s time to uncover a new spiritual gift? Try What’s my Spiritual Gift? test.

Compatibility Signs: Rowan and Hawthorne
Crystal: Amethyst: This purple stone protects you on your journey of exploration. Keep this stone near you or wear it as jewellery.

Vine Tree (Sep 2-29)

Vine Celtic Tree Spiritual Meaning | KarinasTarot.com

People born under the Vine Celtic tree sign (Muin, Celtic translation) are known as The Unpredictable.

You may be highly sociable one week and completely quiet and withdrawn the next. There are many contradictions about your personality and life, and for this reason, you may have different sets of friends.

Some know you as the ‘lively’ one and others know you the ‘quieter’ one.

You are aware that society likes to pigeon hole people, but you are not pigeon-hole material. You are changeable and you were born this way so you could be adaptable to life.

Use your natural charm and ability to roll with the changes to create a fruitful career, family and home life.

Have faith in the Universe, and go along with whatever ups and downs it sends you. This rollercoaster always leads to happiness as long as you trust and don’t try to get off the ride too soon.

Compatibility Signs: Willows and Hazels
Crystal: Emerald stone. Wearing this stone helps your personality shine through when you really need to make an impression.

Ivy (Sep 30-Oct 27)

Ivy Tree Celtic Spiritual Meaning | KarinasTarot.com

People born under the Ivy Celtic tree sign (Gort, Celtic translation) are known as The Warriors.

You are a highly spiritual Celtic sign and naturally lean towards angels and spiritualism.

Whatever challenges you have in life, there is always a voice in your head, urging you to cling to your faith, even when tested. There is hope in your heart and belief in a Higher Order in the Universe. You sense there is a greater meaning to yours (and everyone’s) life.

You are a Warrior, a true brave heart and were born to lead others in their faith. This doesn’t mean you have to be religious – you may simply offer words of reassurance to those who most need it. Where there is darkness, you bring light. Where there is pain, arguments and disharmony you bring peace and humour.

Compatibility Signs: Oak and Ash
Crystal: Opal stone. Carrying or wearing this stone will give you clarity and bring healing to yourself and others.

Reed (Oct 28-Nov 24)

Reeds Celtic Meaning | KarinasTarot.com

People born under the Reed Celtic tree sign (NgEtal in Celtic) are known as The Secret Keepers.

You are highly discreet and will guard secrets closely. If you do reveal a secret, you feel instantly guilty! People know this, so they unburden themselves on you frequently, which can rob your energy.

The Reed is often mentioned in the bible, it is considered a spiritual plant and it is thought that those born under this Celtic sign were meant to help others achieve their life purpose.

For some this means being a parent and paying attention to your child’s education (your child chose you as a parent for a reason).

For others it means working with people to help unlock their talents, or resolve emotional dilemmas that are holding them back. In helping others, you my dear Reed, achieve your life purpose. And what a noble one it is!

Compatibility Signs: Ash, Oak and other Reeds
Crystal: Keep a Jasper stone near you, it will help rid you of negative energy you absorb from others.

Elder Tree (Nov 25-Dec 23)

Elder Tree Celtic Sign Meaning | KarinasTarot.com

People born under the Elder Celtic tree sign (Ruis, Celt translation) are known as The Seeker.

You SEEK freedom and excitement but accept that with highs, some lows are necessary.

You know in your heart that if you ‘settle’ for a safe life and avoid risks, you are always likely to feel you are missing out.

A life without adventure, is a life half-lived, no matter how short and sweet the passion.

Travel, romance, friendship, laughter and fulfilling work – you need it all, and should strive for it all.

Sure it might be easier to settle, to lower your expectations, but in the process your soul hurts. You are a soulful person, there’s no escaping it!

Compatibility Signs: Holly and Birch tree
Crystal: Jet stone. Keep a jet stone near you to alleviate tension when you have some big decisions to make.

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