Best Spiritual Articles for Beginners |

Spiritual Articles

Spiritual articles of beginners and eternal students: If you enjoy exploring spirituality and expanding your awareness of the mind, body and spirit, then these are our top most interesting articles for you.

For example, what is karma? And what are the rules of karma? Take the karma test and discover what life lesson you are currently experiencing.

Spiritual Awakening

As you experience a spiritual awakening, you naturally draw closer to your spirit guides. But what do spirit guides really do? Discover the truth about Spirit Guides, and how to connect more powerfully.

When you are ready to take your training up a level, see our section on psychic training, which includes lots of free tests to develop your intuition. If you are artistically inclined, you’ll enjoy our article on psychic art, where you’ll even learn about soulmate art!

Best Spiritual Articles for Beginners

Chakras energy center guide |


Why chakras are important for your health and success.
Guide to All Souls Day |

All Souls Day

All Souls' Day on 2 November remembers those who have died.
Shamanism Guide |


An easy guide to understanding Shamanism.
Repetitive Numbers and Binary Code Meaning |

Repetitive Numbers

Repetitive numbers and why you see them, discover the science behind this phenomena.
Love Intention Candle with Roses |

Love Candle

Create this candle to attract love and your soulmate.
How To Make an Intention Candle |

Intention Candles

How to make an intention candle to attract wealth, love and healing.
What Are Spirit Guides? |

Spirit Guides

The truth about Spirit Guides and how to talk to your guide.
Karma Test |

Karma Test

Take the karma test and discover your life lesson.
Simple Guide to Karma |


What is karma and how does it work? Plus, take the karma test and discover your life lesson.