Psychic Development

Every person has psychic abilities. How do I know this? Because you are a spiritual being, wearing a human suit. Your soul is psychic, its ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ are extrasensory. When you ‘sense’ the future or have a gut feeling about something, that is your soul telling you what it feels, and what it has picked up from the environment using extrasensory perception.

Some people do appear to be more naturally in tune with their soul, and thus their psychic abilities.

However, with a little time and effort, you can learn how to reconnect with your soul, and this type of training is called Psychic Development.

Maybe you’ll discover an ability for fortune telling (divination) using Tarot cards or a crystal ball, or communicating with spirits from another realm (mediumship).

To help you on your spiritual journey, I have written lots of easy articles to boost your psychic development, all listed below. When you are ready, check out my psychic tests, and start putting your intuition to practice.

Topics on Psychic Development

I have written on a range of psychic abilities,  including extrasensory perceptions such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance. Also telepathy, precognition, postcognition, psychometry, remote viewing and mediumship.

I also discuss astral projection and other out of body experiences; the Akashic records, spirit guides and auras. Learn about channeling, automatic writing, psychic surgery, energy healing, telekinesis, runes, talismans, good luck charms and Law of Attraction.

We will also discuss themes which affect your Life Purpose, such as karma.

Browse our comprehensive guide to psychic training, and discover the answer to questions such as What does it mean to be psychic?

Strange Things That People Do |

Humans are curious creatures, and in this article we chat about the strange things that people do. Here are 7 psychology tips to help you understand people and get what you want.

Psychology Tips You Should Know

1. Know Who Likes You

When a group of people break out into laughter, each person instinctively glances at whoever they feel closest to in that group. This is a good way to spot who has a crush on who.

2. Eye Contact Makes you Seem Friendlier

People who make eye contact appear friendlier and more confident. If you’re a bit shy about doing this, instead focus on searching for a person’s eye color. It’s not that you plan on writing them a love poem, but it’s one way to help you make eye contact without feeling weird!

3. Use The Power of Silence

If you want to know what someone is really thinking, stay silent and maintain eye contact. They are likely to feel pressurized into talking and revealing more.

4. Pacify Your Enemy

If you know someone is going to attack or give out to you in a meeting or even at a social occasion, deliberately sit or stand next to them. The closeness will make them less comfortable with being aggressive.

5. Ask For Favors

By asking people to do small favors for you, they are more likely to believe you like them.

6. Remember Names

As hard as it is, try to remember people’s names. They’ll find you very charming as a result!

7. Parting The Crowds

If you are walking through a crowd of people, keep your eyes focused on the gap between them rather than making direct eye contact. They are more likely to part way and allow you through.

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Strange Things that People Do

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Psychic Development

Karina, author of Tarot in 5 Minutes.

Telepathy Guide |

What is Telepathy?

Telepathy comes from the Greek tele (distant) and pathe (feeling). It describes mind to mind communication of thoughts, ideas and feelings by psychic means.

The word telepathy was coined by the psychical researcher Frederic Myers in 1882, and proved much more catchy than thought-transference, as it was formerly known.

Telepathy is fairly common, most people have occasional flashes of mind reading – at least enough to make them realize that there is something in it. As with all paranormal abilities like clairvoyance and clairsentience however, some people are more naturally talented than others.

Psychics, healers, counselors, holistic therapists, or any job which really benefits from being able to read people’s minds (such as police work, legal or sales), are likely to attract people with telepathy skills, if perhaps unwittingly.

How to Pronounce Telepathy

Listen to Karina say telepathy and I am telepathic

How Do You Know You Are Communicating Telepathically?

In parapsychology, telepathy is described as the paranormal ability to pick up thoughts and feelings, using extrasensory perception (ESP). Other types of ESP include claircognizance and precognition. Telepathy however, is not a form of divination, fortune telling or premonition, because it does not ‘predict’ events. Rather, it is primarily the act of receiving or sending information about what is presently happening.

When you send telepathic thoughts, you are acting as the sender, and when you receive thoughts (pick them up from other people) you are the receiver. Some people will be better at sending than receiving, or vice versa.


If you are acting as the receiver of thoughts, the most obvious sign that you have picked up someone’s feelings or thoughts, is that they pop into your head out of the blue. Typically, your first reaction will be ‘oh yes, I forgot about you, I must phone you.’ A telepathic thought feels different to intuition, because it is very clear and directional, you instantly know what to do with the message. You understand that there will be a reason why the message was sent, and what you are to do with it.

It is easier to receive thoughts telepathically when the sender is feeling ‘charged’, suddenly very happy and excited, or very sad, anxious or worried. Strong emotions boost transmission.

For example, you think of your cat out of the blue, and then you realize you forgot to unlock the cat flap before leaving for work. Animals are good at telepathically transmitting their needs, especially when they are annoyed. [Source: Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home: And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals, 2011 by Dr Rupert Sheldrake]


If you are sending thoughts to someone, it’s not as easy to know if your experiment is working, unless that person changes their behavior as a result. For example, let’s say that you want someone to ring you and then, they do. Great! However, if they don’t phone, it is not necessarily a sign that you failed to transmit.

You may well have transmitted your thought correctly, but they just don’t want to connect with you. You can only plant a thought, like an acorn. The other person retains their free will to act as they wish. This is particularly important to accept, if you are trying to use telepathy in your love life.

In all instances, strong emotions boost the signal. This is why you really do need to have a strong emotional attachment to the person for this to work. It is also worth noting, that it is just as easy to send someone negative or angry thoughts as positive ones.

If you find a yellow and white mixed color feather, it is a sign that you have telepathic ablities worth developing.

How Does Telepathy Work?

Telepathy Studies

Research into mind to mind communication shows:

  • Women, and those who identify as feminine, tend to be better at telepathy than men. This is because telepathy is closely tied to emotion, and women tend to be more in tune with their emotions and intuition.
  • Brain scans show that a recipient’s brave waves change to match those of the sender. This is evidence that telepathy has some biological connection.
  • Telepathy is adversely affected by drugs but improved by caffeine.
  • The more impaired your physical senses become, particularly sight and hearing, the stronger your telepathy becomes. This is why, the older you become, the more likely you are to develop telepathically.
  • Most people have some degree of telepathy, and studies show it is more likely to happen spontaneously in times of crisis. For example, when a mother suddenly feels their child is in danger from a distance.
  • The more emotionally close you are to someone, the more likely you are to develop a telepathic connection. [Source: Investigating paranormal phenomena: Functional brain imaging of telepathy]


Some theories about mind reading:

  • Telepathy can appear in the form of clairaudience, you hear the person’s voice in your mind saying something.
  • The solar plexus chakra is possibly your sending and receiving station in your body for telepathic messages. Some occultists claim this chakra is the center of the sympathetic nervous system, which directs the body’s response to danger and other intense emotions. When someone is excited or emotionally charged, powerful energy waves are emitted from the solar plexus. The solar plexus receives the same feeling that was emitted, person to person, which explains why the vibrations of panic, fear and anger are so contagious.

Thoughts Are Waves of Energy

One possible explanation for telepathy is the theory of radio-like brain wave frequencies.

Every thought and emotional feeling you have, every creation of an idea is accompanied by the release of energy. Energy cannot die, it transforms into something else. For example, a current of electricity transmits over a wire and is transformed into light; coal is transformed into heat.

In the same way, the activity released by a thought or emotional state is released as telepathic waves of energy. Those waves of vibration travel in every direction. When they come into contact with a person who is sufficiently sensitive to register them, or who is attune to your personal vibration, they are retransformed back into the original thought or mental state as originally sent out.

It’s Like a Telephone

Think of it like talking into a telephone. Your voice is transformed into waves of electricity which travel over the phone line. When it reaches the other end of the telephone circuit, it is transformed back into sound waves which can be heard by the listener.

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. What are energy, frequency and vibrations? Light. They’re all properties of light.”

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)
(The guy Albert Einstein called the smartest person who ever lived)

Love and Telepathy

When you google ‘telepathy’ these sorts of questions pop up:

What is telepathic love?
Is telepathy possible in a relationship?

If you’re asking this sort of question, you are probably less likely to be interested in the metaphysical science. So, let’s deal with your love questions here. Perhaps you are hoping that if you ’emit’ enough thoughts to someone, he or she will start paying more attention to you. Or, perhaps you’re wondering if the fact that you and your beloved have started finishing each others sentences, is a sign of telepathy?

All great questions.

What is Telepathic Love?

If you google this term, it quickly follows up with more google prompts such as:

Are people in love telepathic?
How do you send telepathic messages to someone you love?
How do I know if someone has received my telepathic message?

Yes, it is true that people in love can develop some degree of telepathy. Studies show, that we are more likely to build a telepathic connection with someone we are closely bonded with, like a parent, child or lover. In other words, you can’t make a complete stranger (like a Hollywood star) think about you, unless you’ve met him or her in real life and formed some sort of human connection.

Love Telepathy is Uncommon

However, repeated instances of telepathy are still fairly uncommon, even in close relationships. You may have read in a glossy magazine that the signs of telepathic love are things like your mood changes with your lover or you know what your lover will say before they say it. Most of these occurrences are simply, two people getting to know each other at a deeper level. There may be empathy, intuition here even, but it is not necessarily a case of reading each other minds.

Furthermore, if you love someone, but they do not love you, or they want to move on – then your attempts at telepathy are likely to meet a brick wall. Telepathy works best when both sender and receiver are open to communication with each other; or at least there are no obvious blocks.

If you are an accomplished telepath, then you will know, because you will have witnessed clear signs of your ability, outside of romantic relationships. You will have found yourself thinking intently about a certain person, like a friend or colleague and afterwards are told by that person that “I found myself thinking about you, at such and such a time”. In some of these cases it is difficult to determine which one started the thinking.

If this has happened to you fairly frequently, at least a few times a year, then you know you have a skill worth developing. See psychic training for some starter points.


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Psychic Development

Karina, author of Tarot in 5 Minutes.

Latent telepathy, retrocognitive, precognitive and intuitive telepathy, emotive and superconscious

Guide to remote viewing |

What Is Remote Viewing?


Remote viewing is a type of clairvoyance. It is the psychic ability to see distant or hidden objects, events and locations beyond the range of the physical eye. A viewer may describe a location on the other side of the world, which he has never visited. Or an event that happened long ago. Or describe an object sealed in a container or locked in a room. A viewer may even describe a person or an activity – all without being told anything about the target, not even its name or designation.


The term ‘remote viewing’ was coined in the 1970s by American physicists Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff.

This area of extrasensory perception (ESP), lends itself particularly well to scientific research. In practice, the psychic will be quantifiably right or wrong in what he sees.

The ability to see at a distance was used extensively by so-called ‘psychic spies’ during the Cold War. These spies worked on classified military projects, using their clairvoyance to gather intelligence.

Remote viewing is one of the oldest forms of parapsychology or psi. Psi is a term derived from the Greek, meaning psyche, mind or soul. Shamans have practiced this paranormal skill for centuries in Tibet, Africa, India and the Americas.

Frederick Myers, founder of the Society for Psychical Research, suggested in the latter part of the 19th century, that remote viewing – or ‘travelling clairvoyance’ or telesthesia as it was called then – was a combination of telepathy, precognition, retrocognition and clairvoyance.

Remote Viewing Research and History

Stanford Research Institute

American writer Upton Sinclair (1878-1968) was interested in occult phenomena and experimented with telepathy in the early 20th century. He recorded significant data relating to seeing at a distance. This data was later used by Targ and Puthoff in 1972, to set up a research project at Stanford Research Institute in California.

Learned Skill

Targ and Puthoff researched remote viewing for 10 years, working with the gifted psychic Ingo Swann (1933 – 2013). Together, they conducted hundreds of experiments and collected some impressive results. The researchers came to the conclusion that remote viewing is a psychic experience that occurs naturally in people, but can also be learned. They found that they could train people to see at a distance regardless of psychic ability. People, they claimed, could be taught to ‘see’ into a container to describe the contents inside.

PEAR Project

Other major research in remote viewing has been carried out at Princeton University by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research group (PEAR) established in 1979. PEAR is the first research group to apply modern engineering science techniques to the study of PSI.

In studies of pre-cognitive remote perception, PEAR came to the conclusion that it is possible to obtain information by means that cannot be explained by ‘known physical phenomena’.

Other researchers in America and Canada have found that remote viewing is affected by geomagnetic activity. They concluded that the higher the incidence of geomagnetic activity before a viewing test, the less successful the results.

Stargate Project

In 1972 during the height of the Cold War, the American CIA launched a classified project to train and utilize psychic spies. The ‘remote viewing’ project, based at the Stanford Research Institute, was a direct response to the (then) USSR’s similar training of military personnel for long distance spying. The project purported to develop a systematic strategy for accessing latent clairvoyance. It operated surreptitiously for 24 years, under such evocative code names as STARGATE, SUN STREAK and CENTER LANE. It was finally declassified and terminated in 1995.

We do not know if the intelligence community is still using or researching remote viewing today, given the secrecy surrounding espionage. Many private individuals, companies and non-profit organizations claim to be conducting continued research on remote viewing. Not all of these independent remote viewing projects, however, approach the subject from the perspective of performing controlled studies.

Remote Viewing Today

Research operations in remote viewing continue today for such purposes as locating missing persons and equipment. The technique has also been used to solve crimes and gather commercial information. Both scientists and occultists alike remain intrigued by the possibilities remote viewing can offer.

According to the International Remote Viewing Association, remote viewing is not really a ‘psychic phenomenon’ as such. Rather, they claim it is an imposed skill that helps the viewer to harness his own innate, underlying intuitive abilities.

Time Travel Using Remote Viewing


Some remote viewer practitioners, claim it is possible to virtually time travel with remote viewing. The experience, however, appears to differ from regular remote viewing, in that the target is unchartered territory. You cannot instruct your mind to travel to a specific place, if that place no longer exists in the future. Or even if it does exist, you may not be able to describe what you see, because of the lack of reference points. With a traditional remote viewing target, things often simply are, what they appear to be.

Time travel, on the other hand, can end up producing symbolic rather than literal images in a remote viewer’s mind eye. It is possible that the subconscious mind communicates complicated thoughts more easily through symbols and metaphorical images, than through direct representation. The pursuit of tangible facts could actually, in this instance, cause valuable information to be lost in translation.

Interesting Thought

Despite efforts by many researchers, we still have no scientific explanation as to how the brain can create the sense of a conscious experience. That essential spark that is you. Is our mind located in our brain? Or is our brain simply a computer modem which connects to our mind, which is resident somewhere else in the Universe? In the cloud, perhaps? This could certainly explain how it is possible for a person to survive and communicate after death. And it certainly explains why our mind could travel through the exercise of remote viewing.

How To Practice Remote Viewing

Visit the International Remote Viewing Association’s website for information and practice exercises:

Studies and Research

Remote viewing as applied to futures studies. 2008 by James H Lee.

Clairvoyant remote viewing: The US sponsored psychic spying. 2008. M.Srinivasan

Effects Of Background Context For Objects In Photographic Targets On Remote Viewing Performance. Journal of Scientific Exploration. D.L. Katz et al (2021).

Remote Viewing With And Without Controlled Out-Of-Body ConsciousnessAdvanced Research in Psychology.  A. Ballati et al (2020). 

Related terms and synonyms: Astral projection, Edgar Cayce, Extrasensory perception, Lucid dreaming, Parapsychology, Third eye chakra

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Psychic Development

Karina, author of Tarot in 5 Minutes.

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