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Discover my best free tarot readings and Tarot deck reviews. For example, if you want to know, will I move house? or maybe you have a Yes or No question for the Tarot, this is place for you. Use these free online and interactive readings to gain the inspiration and the answers you need.

If you are a student of occult and the metaphysical, learn about traditional fortune telling, and predicting the future. Tarot is a common psychic tool used by fortune tellers all around the world, and it’s never to too early or late to start your journey!

Jump in with my book Tarot in 5 Minutes and check out my 78 Tarot Card Meanings for more in-depth learning. See also, Tarot Card Symbolism to learn more about the symbols in the Rider Waite Tarot deck.

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Free Readings

Selection of free readings, using Tarot, Oracle Cards and Angel Cards.