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Angel Readings

Do you need the help or guidance of your Guardian Angel or the Archangels? If so, you have come to the right place! Here is a selection of Karina’s best angel readings, which will hopefully give you some comfort and answers. In these online readings, she uses different angel card decks, angel numbers and her spiritual intuition to help you connect. And more importantly, this is all for free! So dive in, and enjoy connecting with your angels.

Angel Guidance

Use the free Guardian Angel reading to ask your angel a question. Or, talk to Archangel Michael, if you feel drawn to his warrior energy. If you are not looking for specific guidance, then check out your Archangel Message Today, for a little spiritual boost.

Angel Protection

Angels are always working behind the scenes to protect you. Discover your angel of protection for 2022, and the angel or ascended master who is helping you to stay on track.

Angel Card Decks 

In these readings, Karina uses a variety of angel cards, including those by Diana Cooper, Radleigh Valentine and Doreen Virtue.

Angel Guidance by Karina

Picture of Angel Agatha |

Angel Agatha

Angel Agatha: Heals breast cancer, burns and childhood trauma.
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11:11 Meaning

Why do you keep seeing 11:11? Discover the real meaning and how this spiritual awakening will change your life.
Repetitive Numbers and Binary Code Meaning |

Repetitive Numbers

Repetitive numbers and why you see them, discover the science behind this phenomena.