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What is astrology? Astrology is an ancient system of study of how celestial objects in the sky, planets, stars and the moon, affect our lives.

According to astrologers, the movement of these bodies exert an influence on people and events on earth, and they can influence your personalities traits, depending on where those bodies were positioned at the time of your birth.

Most of us are familiar with Western astrology and the system of horoscopes. The horoscope you read in a newspaper or magazine is based on your Sun Sign, the portion of the zodiac that the sun was passing through on the day you were born.

A horoscope is a type of divination. The type of horoscopes that you read in magazines are usually very general and by definition must apply to one twelfth of the population. Yet, there is so much more to an astrology reading than these sketchy daily horoscopes would suggest.

For example, a professional astrologer will ask for your exact time and date of birth and for the town or city you were born in. This allows them to draw up a birth chart – a diagram that represents planetary activity at the exact moment you were born. With this information, the astrologer can describe your basic personality, strengths, weaknesses, potential, karma and even past lives.

Tarot and Astrology

The science of astrology and the art of reading Tarot cards have been closely linked for centuries. Even the earliest of Tarot decks depict The Sun, The Moon and The Star, along with astrological symbols for Saturn, Jupiter and Venus. In my free guide to 78 Tarot Card meanings, you’ll discover the star sign associated with each Tarot card.

In This Section: 

Sun Sign

Discover below how your Sun Sign influences your inner self, passions and life purpose.

Rising Sign

Read below about your Rising Sign, or Ascendant Sign. This is the part of your astrological chart which refers to your ‘public face’, and what people think about you.

Moon Sign

Read below about your Moon Sign, this is the soul behind your identity and represents your deepest desires, and the driving force behind your emotions.

Your Star Sign

Watch your monthly star sign with Karina.

Chinese Astrology

What does 2024 and the Year of The Dragon hold for you? Not sure of your Chinese animal sign? Check out, Chinese zodiac sign dates.

Celtic Tree Sign

Discover your celtic tree sign, also referred to as druid tree sign or celtic birth tree astrology.

Learn Tarot

Astrology, Moons and Planets

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Year of The Rabbit

Year of the Water Rabbit 2023: World predictions and Chinese Zodiac Signs.
Scorpio Moon Sign Meaning | KarinaCollins.ie

Scorpio Moon Sign

Scorpio Moon deeply desires success and recognition for their talents.
Libra Moon Sign Meaning | KarinaCollins.ie

Libra Moon Sign

Libra Moon have a great flair for business and making money.
Leo Moon Sign Meaning | KarinasTarot.com

Leo Moon Sign

Leo Moon has star quality and make great motivational speakers.
Sagittarius Star Sign Traits | KarinasTarot.com

Sagittarius Sun Sign

Nov 22 - Dec 21. Sagittarians have an big appetite for life, and desire to travel.
Scorpio Astrology Sign Traits | KarinasTarot.com

Scorpio Sun Sign

Oct 23 - Nov 21. Scorpios are private people, magnetic, intense and mysterious.
Libra Sun Sign Traits | KarinasTarot.com

Libra Sun Sign

Sept 24 - Oct 23. No star sign falls in love quite as often or as easily as Libra.
Virgo Sun Sign Traits | KarinasTarot.com

Virgo Sun Sign

August 23 - Sept 22. Virgo is hard-working, down to earth and has lots of common sense.
Leo Sun Sign Traits | KarinasTarot.com

Leo Sun Sign

July 23 - August 22. Leo is renowned for their generous nature, warmth and kindness.
Cancer The Crab Sun Sign Traits | KarinasTarot.com

Cancer Sun Sign

June 21 - July 22. Cancer is happiest at home with people they love.
Gemini Sun Sign Traits | KarinasTarot.com

Gemini Sun Sign

May 21 - June 20. Gemini is born with a dread of boredom and craves excitement.
Taurus Sun Sign | KarinasTarot.com

Taurus Sun Sign

Apr 20 - May 20. Taurus is the most attractive and charming of all the zodiac signs.
Aries Sun Sign Personality Traits | KarinasTarot.com

Aries Sun Sign

Mar 21 - Apr 19. Aries are born leaders, assertive, dynamic and ambitious.
Pisces Star Sign Personality Traits | KarinasTarot.com

Pisces Sun Sign

Feb 19 - Mar 20. Pisces are talented musicians, artists and writers.
Capricorn Sun Sign Meaning | KarinasTarot.com

Capricorn Sun Sign

Dec 22 - Jan 19. Capricorn is usually at the center of any rags to riches story.
Aquarius Sun Sign Traits | KarinasTarot.com

Aquarius Sun Sign

Jan 20 - Feb 18. Aquarius has produced more famous people than any other star sign.
Leo Rising Sign Meaning | KarinasTarot.com

Leo Rising Sign

Leo Rising is original and needs to be recognized for their talents.
Cancer Rising Sign Meaning | KarinasTarot.com

Cancer Rising Sign

Cancer Rising are highly intuitive and make excellent mediums and tarot readers.
Aquarius Rising Sign Traits | KarinasTarot.com

Aquarius Rising Sign

The most glamorous of the rising signs, heads turn when Aquarius Rising walks into the room.