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What Next For Your Career?

Use this career reading to discover what next in your working life.

I have combined the principles of Feng Shui Astrology with Tarot cards to create this reading for you.

Simply pick a direction, and then scroll down for your answer.

NORTH: Career Reading

The North direction is associated with the need for independence and space to work without distractions.

As you were drawn to the North, it means you should honor your need for independence. This could mean starting a business, working a few days a week from home, or seeking out a job which allows you more freedom to come and go as you wish.

In other words, you will find greater happiness in your working life, when you can set your own schedule and goals.

The North Direction Encourages You:

  • Start a business, even as a side-gig
  • Not to give up on your business, if you have been struggling
  • To pursue a management, or director level promotion as your next career step
  • Finish lingering projects, finish that book, course, website – whatever is on your desk.

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SOUTH: Career Reading

The South direction is associated with excitement and positive energy.

By seeking the energy of the south, you are saying that you are ready for more excitement in your career. It can be a sign that you find your present job, or the people you work with boring or draining.

Simply put, you are ready for a new challenge and to meet new people.

You are not meant to endure your working life, just to pay the bills. How you spend your time matters, and you need to live a little more. On the cosmic timescale our time here is gone in a blip. Be brave and live your blip with passion!

By choosing the south direction, it is a clear sign that now is the time for a fresh start. Make a move!

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The East is associated with expansion. If you chose this direction, then you are beginning to feel more ambitious about life.

This is a good time to EXPAND. For example:

  • Expand your qualifications, so that you can earn more money in the future.
  • Expand your current role by taking on more responsibilities.
  • Expand your business.
  • Expand your abilities by overcoming fears, such as fears of public speaking, being on video or presenting to others.

Don’t allow fear to stand in your way. Enthusiasm and growing confidence will take you where you need to go. Be patient, don’t expect success over night – enjoy the journey of exploration. Harness all your energy (including impatience) into doing something better with your life, focus it in one direction and impress us all!

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The West is typically associated with romance, and so encourages careers in any area which help people to connect, not just romantically, but socially and for business too.

For example:

  • Event management
  • Recruitment, HR, Real Estate
  • Social media influencer, PR, marketing
  • Anything to do with weddings
  • Any technology which helps people to connect or learn

Because you were attracted to the West, it is a sign that your most marketable attribute is your charm – people like you. Therefore it’s important to use this skill, in the next stage of your career.

The West can also signify:

  • Receiving a loan or financial backing for an idea.
  • Finding the perfect business partner or mentor.

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SOUTH-WEST: Career Reading

The South-West is typically associated with focus. The energy of the south-west is all about taking a practical approach to life. Putting long-term goals in place and steadily working towards them. It’s a sign to get your head down, work hard, save money and increase your skills. Don’t get distracted by fleeting pleasures.

This is a good time to develop long-term working relationships and friendships. Good old fashioned values are rewarded, like being there for work-colleagues or clients, and earning their respect.

The fact you were attracted to the energy of the South-West means that you should not get distracted by ‘new’ opportunities right now, but put your effort into what is in front of you.

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