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What Are Cancer Moon People Like?

How would you describe someone who is born with Cancer Moon Sign in their zodiac chart?

More than any other soul, emotions play a major role in the life of this astrological sign. Cancer Moon is not only affected by their own feelings but they are also highly impacted by the mood of those around them.

Born with an overwhelming need to nurture others, particularly family, this moon sign is in danger of being over-protective and of ‘smothering’ those they love. Perhaps this is because they allow their own fears of the outside world and their innate sensitivity to override common sense.

What Does Being Cancer Moon Sign Mean?

What are the unique characteristics of individuals who are Cancer Moon signs?

When it comes to emotions this astrological sign is in a league of it’s own. Highly influenced by the ever-changing lunar calendar, their moods and emotions are constantly fluctuating, often taking those around them by surprise. Complicated, sensitive and empathetic on the one hand, they are liable to blow hot and cold for no apparent reason.

One of Cancer Moon’s greatest gifts is their powerful imagination and when used in a positive way, they are enchanting story-tellers, authors, artists and performers. However, when used negatively, their imagination can feed the darker side of their nature causing them to hold on to grudges and past hurts for way longer than is good for them.

What Are The Best Careers For You?

What type of job will allow Cancer Moon signs to excel?

Since one of the principal traits of this moon sign is their caring nature and their innate ability as healers, any career that involves looking after others, children, people who are sick, people with disabilities will appeal. The caring professions – social worker, psychotherapy, nurse, teacher, counselor, therapist, doctor, charity worker or fundraiser will work well. Born to nurture, this astrological sign make wonderful chefs, confectioners and bakers, food critics, restaurateurs or cafe owner. A career in nutrition, as a nutritionist, perhaps as a weight-loss consultant, is also an excellent option.

Cancer Moon signs come into their own in a home environment so a career as a professional organizer, interior designer or virtual assistant are worth considering. Their desire to care for others and their ability to connect on a deep level means they will easily engage with clients.

Who Is The Best Partner For Cancer Moon?

What zodiac sign is best suited to Cancer Moon?

As in all areas of their life, when it comes to relationships, this astrological sign is primarily a ‘carer’. There is a danger that the strong mothering instinct possessed by this sign means they are unable to resist treating their partner more like a child, someone to be cared for, rather than as an equal and a lover.

This moon sign will shower their other half with boundless love but only as long as they feel that love is reciprocated in equal measure. Cancer moon is not altruistic by nature and nothing makes them more irritable or offended than feeling they are giving more than they are receiving. However, if they can find the right balance their relationship will blossom and lead to lasting happiness.

The other water signs, Pisces and Scorpio make excellent partners for Cancer Moon, but Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are also a good match.

What Famous People Were Born Under this Sign?

Celebrities born under Cancer Moon Sign include:

Prince William, Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge, Camilla Parker Bowles Duchess of Cornwall, Clint Eastwood, Sean Penn, Keanu Reeves, Colin Farrell, Taylor Swift, Drew Barrymore, Kris Kardashian, Vanessa Paradis, Robert Pattinson, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Kris Jenner, Nicole Richie, Stella Mccartney, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Jean-Marie Le Pen

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