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What is the spiritual meaning of butterflies? Are butterflies lucky? And is there any symbolism to two butterflies? Discover now!

Sources of symbolism: animal symbolism, shamanism, druidism, dream interpretation and new age philosophy.

3 Spiritual Meanings of Butterflies

When a butterfly acts in an unusual way around you – for example is particularly friendly flying around you, or it lands on you – then it is trying to convey a message from the spirit world.

These are the main messages of the butterfly, one of which will apply to you:

1.Going Through Change

If you are going through a major life change, such as divorce, career change or health issue, the butterfly is bringing you blessings from the Other Side. Angels appear when a butterfly is near. The spiritual meaning of butterflies, is that you are safe and all will turn out well.

The butterfly is strongly associated with metamorphosis, rebirth and transformation. This is because it starts life in an egg, turns into a caterpillar and emerges eventually as a butterfly. As one of nature’s most perfect examples of change and growth, it is hardly surprising that the butterfly has become a worldwide symbol of transformation.

2. Stuck In a Rut

Or perhaps you have been resisting change? If you’ve been stuck in a rut for some time, the butterfly is a message to have courage and break out of your self-imposed cocoon.

3. Spiritual Journey

Butterflies see and taste with their feet because that is where their receptor cells are located. If you have been considering going on a spiritual journey, retreat or camino walk, the butterfly encourages you to go ahead. This ‘walkabout’ is necessary to illuminate your path ahead.

What do Two Butterflies Symbolize?

In nature, two is associated with romance and close companionship. So what does the butterfly mean in love?

1. If you are looking for love, then two butterflies can mean you will meet your soulmate soon, if you have not already. As butterflies only live about four weeks, it may be that you met your future partner within the past 4 weeks, or you will meet them within the next 4 weeks.

2. If you are in a relationship, two butterflies can represent undying love. Every relationship has it’s challenging times, but you two were destined to be together. If your beloved has passed to the Spirit World, two butterflies can symbolize that they are near. When you see the butterflies dancing, you will instantly feel the energy of your beloved. Perhaps he or she just wants you to know how much they love you. In some instances, your beloved may be giving you approval to find a new partner, someone to hold you close at night.

3. In Japan superstition says if a butterfly enters your bedroom, the person you most love or desire, will call you soon.

Are Butterflies Lucky?

Yes, butterflies are a symbol of good luck. If you asked for a ‘sign’ from the Universe, and then a butterfly appears or flies around you, then take that as your sign.

Is a Butterfly a Symbol of Death?

No. Some people worry that the appearance of a butterfly means someone is about to die, but this is not true. The butterfly is associated with death and rebirth combined, and not just death. It is a symbol of hope and optimism.

What is the Meaning of a Brown Butterfly?

Meaning of Brown Butterfly | KarinaCollins.ie

In addition to the general meanings, brown butterflies deliver one extra message: Help is on the way. Someone is about to help you get what you want.

What Is The Meaning of Orange and Black Butterflies?

Meaning of Orange and Black Butterflies I KarinaCollins.ie

The monarch butterfly is orange and black. If one of these gorgeous creatures lands on you, or appears to be seeking your attention, then this is your extra message: Lighten up. Stop taking life so seriously. Yes, you have challenges, but be thankful they are not as serious as those faced by others. You have reasons for joy in your life.

Meaning of White Butterflies

Meaning of White Butterfly | KarinaCollins.ie

In addition to the general meanings, a white butterfly delivers one extra message: you have a spiritual gift worth exploring. This is most likely a psychic or mediumship talent. You should read more about psychic training to get started.

Meaning of Blue Butterflies

Meaning of Blue Butterfly | KarinaCollins.ie

In addition to the general butterfly meaning, a blue butterfly delivers one extra message: Mother Mary is your spirit guide, she is watching over you at this time.

Meaning of Red Butterflies

In addition to the general butterfly meaning, a red butterfly, delivers an extra message: You are about to experience a lucky event, and are likely to be entering a period of good fortunes.

Please note: I include Red Admirals and the Scarlet Peacock butterfly in this meaning.

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Monarch spiritual meaning of butterflies
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