Buddha in Garden

Buddha in Garden Spiritual Ideas

These are three of the buddha statues in hidden locations around my mum’s garden. In Feng Shui or Zen garden design, it is common to place Buddha statues in the garden. They help to create a calming and positive life force energy (called chi or prana energy). If you have a small garden, ideally the Buddha will face your back door for good luck, health and wealth.

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Buddha in Garden Feng Shui

Your Little Message

There is a relationship that needs sorting out in your life. For some of you it will be obvious who I am talking about. For others, you will need to dig a little more deeply, it may be a neglected relationship. In order to move forward, it is important not to blame one another or rehash old history. The point is, you are not happy – and they are not happy. No one is winning. Even if you think there is nothing you can do to kick-start the process, think again. Human relations are more flexible than we think. Ultimately, there has to be a talk for everyone to move forward.


Buddha in Garden Cave

Your Little Message

Sometimes it is easier to avoid conflict than really speak our mind. The problem with that, is we end up being pushed around then blaming others for putting us there. The truth is, no-one likes conflict, it’s uncomfortable and sometimes scary. The thing is, when we end up in a corner, it’s usually because we have not held up our hand and said – enough! In truth, we are saying, this is OK. Just remember, sometimes you have to stand up and count for something.


Buddha in Flowers Garden Placement

Your Little Message

If you’ve found yourself prone to emotional or angry outbursts recently, then try taking a few minutes time-out everyday. Time-out isn’t just for kids, it’s for us adults too. Ideally start your day with a few deep breaths, and remind yourself to stay calm when someone does or says something that irritates you. People are irritated much too easily these days, and it’s very tempting to respond in kind. It’s an upward spiral. But you know at a soul level, that is not who you are, it is not who you want to be.

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