Brown Feather Meaning

Brown Feather Meaning

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Crystal: Brown jasper
Topic: Brown Feather Meaning

Have you found a brown colored feather and wondered what it means?

If the angels have blessed you with a brown feather, it is a sign that help is on the way. Brown is the color of earth, and symbolizes nourishment which feeds the soul.

When feathers appear, angels are near

1. Brown Feathers Mean That Help Is On The Way

Wherever your thoughts were focused when you received the brown feather, is where the help will arrive. This is what you need to nourish your soul and move forward.
Perhaps you want to:
Get a better job
Move house
Make friends in a new place (counteract loneliness)
Pay off a debt
Buy a car
End a legal case
Increase business sales

The brown feather means the angels are helping you in a practical way to bring about your wish. Your thoughts and judgement may have been clouded, and it was just a matter of waiting for a better time for clarity to occur. That better timing is coming shortly, when you find this feather.

what it means when you find a brown feather

2. Don’t Allow Age to Stop You

Brown counteracts ageism. This could be how people see you, or how you feel about yourself. Perhaps you are worried that people will think you are too old. Or you yourself feel ‘too old’ to start something new.  When the angels send you a brown feather, it is their sign to say – “there is so much more for you to experience, don’t settle now”.

Small Brown Feather by Karina

3. Feed Your Soul

This message will only apply to those of you, who have ‘nourishment’ on your mind. By that, I mean you are interested in something that can nourish the body, mind or spirit. This may mean cooking, nutrition, homeopathy, naturopathy, Chinese medicine. Or some healing of the mind or spirit. The brown feather is the angels way of saying: ‘yes, you are on the right path!’

Small Brown Feather by Karina

4. If You Are Going Through Healing

If you are going through radiotherapy or chemotherapy, the brown feather signals that higher powers are helping to detoxify your body and aiding your recovery.  

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