Blue Feather Meaning

Blue Feather Meaning

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Have you found a blue colored feather and wondered what it means? Here are the 4 angel and spiritual messages associated with blue feathers.

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1. The Blue Feather Means You Should Speak Up

Blue is associated with the throat chakra – the energy center in your neck. Blue reflects the color of Heaven, and assists you in communicating your message. If you receive a blue feather it means you are being guided to speak up.
When you receive a blue feather, ask yourself – where do I feel compelled to speak up?
For example, it may mean:-

  • Telling someone what you really feel
  • Asking for that job promotion
  • Standing up for others who do not have a voice
  • Writing that book
  • Being the ‘face’ of your business, rather than hiding behind the scenes.

Or perhaps you have already started doing this? If so, the blue feather acts as a confirmation that you are on the right path.

Angel Meaning of Blue Feather

2. Blue Feathers Represent Mediumship Abilities

You have mediumship abilities and should study and train in this area. If you are already working in mediumship, then you are asked to push yourself harder to master your gift. The spirit world understand how hard it is sometimes, but they require your dedicated service. A blue feather is a confirmation that you are a born medium.

dark blue feathers

3. Your Life Purpose Revealed

Your life purpose involves communicating, listening and teaching. A job or business which integrates these possibilities falls within your natural area of talent.

Angel Meanings

4. Mother Mary is Watching Over you

Mother Mary, the holy virgin is watching over you. Perhaps you have been praying to her? A blue feather is her calling card. The robes of the Virgin Mary are blue indicating her ability to hear and respond to humanity. She is responding to you. Can you feel her warmth?

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