Black Obsidian Crystal

Black Obsidian Healing Properties

Color: Black
Chakra: Base chakra
To Buy: Cheap, and widely available online and in crystal stores
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Tarot: Temperance Tarot Card
Aids: Deep soul healing

Spiritual Meaning of Black Obsidian Crystal

If you are drawn to Black Obsidian crystal, it means your soul is ready to heal from childhood traumas. This shamanic stone is associated with ancestral healing, and it’s magical properties can help families to repair broken relationships.

Moreover, the Obsidian is a powerful stone for healing past life trauma. Your soul stores all the memories you’ve experienced over many lifetimes, from biblical times to today. However, sometimes those memories can leak through, triggering unexplained health problems and phobias. For example, being an orphan in a past life, could trigger fertility problems in the next. Or drowning in a past life, could trigger an unexplained fear of water in this lifetime.

Obsidian can help bring any past life issues to a head for healing.

Commonly Available
✔️Black Obsidian remedies trauma and deep blockages
✔️Mahogany Obsidian heals distress caused by insults, bullying or false accusations
✔️Smoky Obsidian, also known as apache tear, helps to stop you feeling unlucky
✔️Snowflake Obsidian aids spiritual awakening, and mystical experiences
✔️Gold Sheen Obsidian heals deep rooted pessimism
✔️Rainbow Obsidian deepens clairvoyance and precognition
✔️Silver Sheen Obsidian wards off psychic attack

What Are the Properties of Black Obsidian?

Obsidian is a volcanic rock known as a natural glass, which formed some two million years ago.

It is usually mined in large pieces, and traditionally was cut down to create beads, tools and ornamental carvings. Polished black obsidian was used as a mirror by the Aztecs and Greeks. 

Types of Obsidian |

Pure obsidian is black in color, but the color can vary. For example, Snowflake Obsidian contains crystals which produce a blotchy snowflake pattern. Mahogany Obsidian contains parts of oxidized Hematite or Magnetite which create a red-brick color on top of the black base.

How Often Should I Cleanse a Black Obsidian?

This stone absorbs negative energy and so it needs regular cleansing and recharging. Ideally, cleanse and recharge once a month. This ensures the stone works at it’s peak performance.


Simply wash your stone or jewelry in warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth.


After washing your stone, leave in direct sunlight for a few hours.

3 Keys Benefits of Black Obsidian Crystal

What is Black Obsidian good for? What powers does it have?

This stone can:

1. Clear Sadness and Trauma

This crystal packs some serious magical properties!

So, be aware that your crystal is millions of years old when you hold it in your hand. Be aware that this crystal originates from deep within Mother Earth’s belly.

Originally, polished Black Obsidian was used as a mirror by ancient cultures like the Aztecs. As you hold a stone up, you can see your reflection. This reflection acts as a mirror to your soul. In effect, the stone mercilessly exposes weaknesses, traumas and blockages. Obsidian cuts to the heart of the matter and brings painful issues to the surface. So be prepared for an onslaught when you use this crystal – it does not promise a gentle cleansing!

When you are ready to deal with deep rooted issues – related to childhood, trauma, family or past lives – then hold an obsidian crystal during meditation or prayer. This will set the process in motion.

2. Protection

Black Obsidian forms a shield against negativity and was traditionally used by shamans and witches to ward off psychic attacks and curses.

You should place a Black Obsidian in a particular room of your home with the intention of protecting a certain area of your life.

Where To Place The Crystal:

  • Hallway, to stop negative people or influences entering your home.
  • Kitchen, if you are dieting and want to avoid temptation.
  • Bedroom, if you are prone to choosing unhealthy relationships.
  • Work desk, to protect yourself from negative colleagues.
  • Purse, if you want to stop yourself overspending.

3. Divination

A mirror or crystal ball made from black obsidian is excellent for the purpose of scrying and divination. Divination puts you in direct contact with the divine, and should be treated with great respect. As you stare into a black mirror or black crystal ball, gradually your clairvoyance vision will open and you may receive guidance and possibly even future predictions. Obsidian is popular with diviners, shamans, psychics and witches for this purpose.

What are the Healing Benefits of Black Obsidian?

This crystal heals:

  • Emotional blocks
  • Blocks to manifestation
  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Prostate and breast cancer (prevention or healing)

If you would like to heal one of these conditions, ideally you should wear Obsidian close to your skin, for example as a bracelet.

Where Should I Put Black Obsidian?

If you want to use Black Obsidian to:

  • Absorb negative energy, then place it in a relevant room.
  • Heal trauma, including past life trauma, then hold it during prayer or meditation.
  • Heal one of the health conditions mentioned above, wear it close to the skin as jewelry.

Instant Meditation

If you enjoy meditation, try this crystal healing:

Black Obsidian is an amazing deep soul cleanser.

Take a stone in your hand and using clockwise circular motions, move it over your base chakra – that is, your hip area.

Your base chakra is connected by a cord to Earth, and this cleansing helps to reboot the connection.

How to Set Intentions Using Black Obsidian Crystal

This black crystal can be used with an intention candle or placed on an altar to:

Lose weight, or have successful cosmetic surgery

Heal past life issues which are blocking you from success

Increase your psychic powers or shamanic healing abilities

More Intention Candles: Love Candles to attract love and wealth candles to attract prosperity.

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