Black Cat Spiritual Meaning

Black Cat Spiritual Meaning I

What is the black cat spiritual meaning? When you see or dream of black cats, it means (at least) one of the four meanings below.

Sources of symbolism: animal symbolism, shamanism, druidism, dream interpretation and new age philosophy.

4 Black Cat Spiritual Meanings

1.Magic Good Luck

🐈This is a time of magic for you. Expect the unexpected, anything lucky could happen now. The magic usually occurs within 2-4 weeks after seeing the cat. Sometimes I notice the ‘luck’ occurs after the next full moon. This is particularly true if you tend to be affected by the moon cycle.

Worth Knowing: A black cat, crow and frog deliver the luckiest news from the animal kingdom. Interesting, they are all witches familiars!

2. Mediumship

🐈 Black cats are associated with witches and mediumship. If you have been asking ‘what is my gift?’ and the black cat turns up – consider it may be good old fashioned witchcraft or mediumship! If you are already on this path, then the black cat is a sign not to give up, even when you struggle. There is magic (magick) in your bones. Keep going.

3. Change Unhealthy Patterns

🐈 You feel so wrapped up in someone else’s life (partner, family or child) that you are no longer sure where you begin and the other ends. The cat guides you to break unhealthy dependencies and rediscover the joy of being you. Hint: There is so much more you can enjoy if you free yourself.

4. Your Spirit Guide

🐈 If that cat stops and stares at you intently, it may be delivering a message from you Spirit Guide. Spirit guides are known to use the cat kingdom to reveal their presence, but as there are not many lions or tigers roaming our streets, the black cat is a little more practical. Take it as a sign your spirit guide is communicating with you.

Or perhaps a strange black cat keeps turning up on your doorstep? If so, it means that you are entering an important stage in your life. What choices you make now will impact your future significantly. Be ethical and act with a higher purpose.

Is A Black Cat Lucky Or Unlucky?

🐈 Some cultures consider the black cat lucky, while others deem them unlucky. It was once even believed that a lady who owns a black cat will have many lovers in her lifetime! I must say, I do have a fondness for black cats! ????

As I explained in my articles the meaning of finding feathers and the meaning of finding pennies – the spirit world are constantly trying to build a language code with you.

So, if you think black cats are lucky, then they will use black cats to communicate messages of good luck to you. Equally, if you associate black cats with bad luck, this is how they will send you warnings. The key is that both of you are on the same page, when it comes to meanings.

This also is the foundation of Tarot cards, which I teach in my book Tarot in 5 Minutes. The Universe wants to communicate with you and provide answers to your questions. Tarot cards act like a detailed communication bridge. If you know that a particular card has a certain meaning, then that’s the one the Universe will deliver in your reading if they want to pass on that particular message. Now you know why I think everyone in the world should read their own cards. It’s free cosmic guidance!

From Karina’s Family Album

Black Cats Lucky or Unlucky i
Posh likes to be the baby, and his uncle Wheeze is always looking out for him.
When a Black Cat Crosses The Road I
Always in the kitchen.

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