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Black and white mixed feather meaning

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Topic: Black and White Mixed Feather Meaning

Have you found a black and white feather, and wondered what it means?

Here are the 2 main angel and spiritual messages associated with the black and white mixed feather. These meanings also apply to striped and spotted black and white feathers.

Two Key Spiritual Meanings of Black and White Mixed Feathers

1. Keep Going, You’re Almost There

When the angels send a feather with mixed colors, it means they want to deliver a ‘blended’ or combined message. This means the message is more advanced than the message of a single white feather or a single black feather. The mixed message requires more thought in order to apply it to your personal situation.

Jet black feathers are associated with change and transformation, while white feathers convey the sense of peace when life settles down again. In other words, we have two polar opposite energies here!

The mixed black and white feather is a way of saying – you’re not quite here nor there yet. The angels are encouraging you to keep going, if you’re struggling or becoming impatient. Don’t quit before the miracles begin. Keep the faith.

How much longer do you have to wait for peaceful days and clarity?

Consider how much of each color is present in your feather, because this will give you some idea of timing. For example, if your feather is about 50/50 white and black, it means you are half way through your transformation journey; or half way to arriving at your destination, goal or new lifestyle. The more white, the closer you are to calmer days.

2. Your Energy is Out of Balance

The mixed black and white feather is associated with yin and yang, and the balance of opposite energies. Chinese medicine tells us that these energies flow through our body, and must be in harmony in order for us to have a healthy body and mind, and maintain healthy relationships.

The angels may be drawing your attention to your life-force energy. That’s the energy that makes you feel motivated, good humored and energized, and when it is depleted, you feel the opposite. If you are going through any sort of change right now, then your body may need a little supportive boost of energy healing.

As a general rule:
Excess Yang causes bad temper, sore throats, headaches, facial redness and nosebleeds.
Excess Yin results in cold hands and feet, lack of energy, poor blood circulation and a pale complexion.

If you suffer from any of the above conditions, consider visiting a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, or acupuncturist for a healing session.

If you receive black and white mixed feathers regularly, it is often a sign that you have talents as a healer. You should consider a career in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture or reiki energy healing; or teach healing.

Striped Black and White Feather Meanings

Is your black and white feather striped?

If so, a striped feather is a sign of unexpected change coming.

Even if you are currently in the midst of a transformation, you can still expect another twist to the plot. An unexpected event, which pushes you in some way. Not even an intuitive or psychic can predict exactly what this shift is likely to be.

However, the color of the stripe on your feather provides some clue as to the nature of this plot twister.

Black and white striped feather meaning

Black: If the black stripes are more dominant, then you may have an evidential spiritual experience. This could be anything from seeing a ghost, to having an out-of-body experience. Whatever you witness, will leave you in no doubt that you are a spiritual being.

White: If the white stripe is more dominant, then you too will have a spiritual experience, but it is likely to be ‘softer’, in the form of a dream or meditation; or delivered through a psychic or medium.

In both instances, don’t be surprised if obstacles which previously seemed insurmountable, suddenly fade away because you have changed. This leaves the door wide open for your dreams to manifest.

Spotted Black and White Feather Meanings

Is your black and white feather spotted?

Spotted feathers are a sign to let go of the past.

If the spots are white, then it means the angels are helping you to heal and move on from the end of a relationship, or death of a loved one.

If the spots are black, it means you are being helped by angels and spirit guides to move on from a situation. This may be moving house, location, jobs or some other practical part of your life.

A Sign To Keep This Crystal Near You

The mixed black and white feather is associated with the dalmatian stone in crystal therapy. This crystal is good to keep near you at times of change. It helps to heighten your sixth sense, so that you become more attune to when danger is near. It also helps to overcome analysis paralysis, those occasions when we overthink to the point of not acting.

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