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Have you found a black and gray feather, and wondered what it means?

Here are the 2 main angel and spiritual messages associated with the black and gray mixed feather.

Discover also, additional meanings for striped and spotted gray and black feathers.

Two Key Spiritual Meanings of Black and Gray Mixed Feathers

1. Something Big is Coming

When the angels send a feather with mixed colors, it means that they want to deliver a ‘blended’ or combined message. This means that the message is more advanced than the message of a single gray feather or a single black feather.

Jet black feathers are associated with change and transformation, while grey feathers symbolize the opposite – a return to normality and peace.

In other words, we have two opposite energies here!

The mixed black and gray feather is the angels way of giving you a heads up about what is about to happen. Something big is coming! The transformation coming might involve your career, love life or living situation, for example.

After the transformation, there will be a golden era of peace and stability.

How soon will this transformation begin?

Consider how much of each color is present in your feather, because this will give you some idea of timing. For example, if your feather is about 50/50 gray and black, it means a few months away. The more black, the closer you are to experiencing this new era.

2. Opportunity to End Karmic Debt

The mixed black and gray feather represents a future prediction. Unlike other feathers, this color only predicts what is yet to happen.

This feather means, that in the very near future, the angels will send you an opportunity to clear a karmic debt. That is, you will be presented with an opportunity to pay someone back who you wronged in a past-life. You will know who this person is at the time, because you will feel impelled to help them out, or forgive them, as though you ‘owe’ them a good turn.

Clearing this debt will liberate you emotionally, in ways that you cannot yet imagine.

Striped Black and Gray Feather Meanings

Is your feather striped?

If so, a striped feather is a sign of unexpected change.

This means that the transformation you are about to experience, or the karmic debt to be repaid, is likely to come as a surprise. What comes soon, is out of the blue. Exciting!

Spotted Black and Gray Feather Meanings

Is your feather spotted?

Spotted feathers are a sign to let go of the past.

If the spots are gray, then it means the angels are helping you to heal from an issue which has its roots in a past life.

If the spots are black, it means you are being helped by angels and spirit guides to move on from a situation. This may be moving house, location, jobs or some other practical area of your life.

A Sign To Keep This Crystal Near You

The mixed black and gray feather is associated with the snowflake obsidian stone in crystal therapy. Your angel recommends you keep this crystal stone near you.

Snowflake Obsidian |
Snowflake Obsidian

This crystal helps you let go of the past and attract positive feelings and thoughts. It melts hardened negative patterns of behavior, and allows healthier attitudes to form.

When you receive a gray and black feather, it is a good idea to keep one of these crystals next to your bed for a few months. You can also hold this stone in your hand during meditation and prayer.

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