Spiritual Meaning of Bats

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What is the spiritual meaning of bats? What it means when a bat flies into your home or flies around the house. Or when you dream of bats. Is it lucky? Discover this and more.

Sources of symbolism: animal symbolism, shamanism, druidism, dream interpretation and new age philosophy.

Is a Bat in Your House Good Luck?

Bats have a scary image, it’s hard to see a bat without thinking of Dracula. However, as it happens, the bat is a messenger of exciting transformation. When a bat flies into your house, you should consider it a sign of good luck.

It means, be prepared for some big changes! So, no screaming, please. This little winged furball is just letting you know that the Invisible World of Spirit Guides have registered your visions, and are in the process of helping you to create them. Bats are linked to vision and prophecy of the future. Your Guides are also helping you to see the future.

3 Spiritual Meanings of Bats

When a bat flies into your home or around the home, this is your message:

1. Make Space for New Ideas

Bats are associated with transformation. When you see a bat, it is a gentle reminder to junk ideas that may even have served you well until now. These ideas could be to do with work, creative pursuits or self identity. The bat says, in order to rise to the next level, be prepared to act, write, speak or present yourself in a fresh way. The world is changing around you, and you must move with it.

2. Something is Dying

One part of your life is dying, but this allows space for a new way of living to emerge. Examples: you move location, make a relationship commitment, leave home, change a job, become a parent. Whatever happens next, there is no turning back.

3. You Feel Scared

The bat can appear at times when you feel anxious. Are you allowing fear to hold you back? Fears about how good you are, or if your talents are worthy. The bat arrives as a messenger of the hidden world to give comfort. He says: You are good. Brilliant even perhaps. But you must move to the beat of your own drum. Don’t try to copy anyone else.

What a Bat Means if You Are Training in Spiritual Work

This message only applies if you are already training in or working in a spiritual area – such as healing, psychic work or mediumship. The bat herald’s shamanic visions, prophecies and clairvoyance. Your gifts are improving, so stay focused. Believe in yourself. The warning here is: do not get distracted by other projects, focus your efforts precisely on your spiritual gift and serving it to the public.

What Does it Mean When You Dream of Bats?

When you dream of bats it means that there is a situation in your life which is DRAINING you of energy. This may be a relationship, family situation, friendship, person at work, job or college course, for example. When you wake from your dream, ask yourself – what is draining me? Then turn your attention to resolving the issue.

However, note that the solution is not always to walk away (although it can be). It could for example, involve rejigging your priorities or setting yourself more realistic goals. It may mean having ‘the talk’ with someone, to let them know how you feel. Or it may be that you need to plan an exit route, but plan is the operative word. The bat doesn’t generally advise change without a plan.

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