Unlucky to Buy Your Own Tarot Cards?

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In this article we answer the question, is it unlucky to buy your own Tarot cards?

Should You Buy Your Own Tarot Deck?

Is it really bad luck to buy your own Tarot cards? Exactly where this superstitious notion originated, is unknown. Meanwhile, a ‘notion’ is all it is.

Whatever the source of the myth, it is not unlucky to buy your own Tarot cards. Indeed, whether you buy your own cards, or they are gifted to you by a friend or pet rabbit, it makes no difference.

Many professional readers, including myself, have bought their first decks for themselves. The very first deck of cards I bought was the Rider Waite Tarot, which I stumbled upon in a Highstreet bookstore. As luck would have it, the Rider Waite happens to be one of the best Tarot decks for beginners and experienced cartomancers alike.

Fifteen years later, I am still using the same deck every day. I have used the cards to read Tarot for myself and literally thousands of clients. Indeed, looking back, it was a pretty fortunate day when I bought my own deck.

In any event, it is a privilege to pick the deck that will be your companion for years to come.

Superstition vs Common Sense

The definition of superstition is “an irrational belief in supernatural influences, especially as leading to good or bad luck”.

When you search ‘is buying a tarot deck bad?’, google throws up other related search terms. Suggestions include, is it bad luck to buy your own Claddagh ring, wallet, purse, money plant, evil eye bracelet or opal crystal? Presumably, the idea is that if you want something enough, like love, money or protection, then the good luck charm should come to you.

Consider this question sensibly. Have you ever bought one of those items for yourself? Did lightening strike you down the next day, if you did? Now apply the same common sense to buying Tarot cards.

Perhaps it is better to go after what you want in life, rather than hoping it will find you?

Hint: I recommend you read about the history of Tarot cards, as knowledge is the best way to combat myths and old wives tales.

Top 5 Tarot Superstitions and Myths

1. Don’t Buy Your Own Tarot cards

As noted above, we have kicked this superstition to the kerb. Tarot cards as such, do not have to be gifted.

2. Tarot Cards Should be Wrapped in Silk

The reasoning here is that synthetic fabrics are unnatural and can dissolve the inherent power of the cards. For more information, see: How do I store my Tarot cards?

3. You Should Not Read Your Own Cards

This is simply not true. Otherwise, what method will you use to learn how to read Tarot cards? Of course, you must practice on yourself first.
For further information, read: Can you read your own Tarot cards?

4. Tarot is Evil and Attracts Bad Spirits

Surprisingly a number of people hold this superstitious belief. More commonly, people who claim the cards are evil have either never used cards, or they are an amateur card reader with a fondness for drama.

I highly doubt that an evil spirit cares much if you are holding Tarot cards or a knife and fork in your hands. If such a powerful spirit existed, they would find you anyway.

Personally, I don’t believe that Tarot cards are magical or possess some supernatural power. The reality is in fact much more mundane. The cards are mass-produced pieces of paper which come off a printing press, probably in China.

That said, I do recommend you perform a blessing on a new deck. Read: How to welcome a new Tarot deck

5. You Should Steal Your Tarot Cards

Seriously, where does this myth come from? Not surprisingly, this is utter nonsense. No, you do not need to steal your Tarot cards.

Does It Matter Where You Buy Your Tarot Cards?

Does it matter if you buy your first deck of cards online or in a bookstore? Undeniably, it is more fun to buy items in person rather than online. However, don’t worry if you need to resort to buying online with Amazon, rather than visiting a local Mind, Body, Spirit store.

While online may feel a little ‘soulless’, it does not really make any difference where you buy your cards. In any event, wherever you buy your cards, you need to cleanse your deck before using them.

Read: How do I cleanse my Tarot cards?

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