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Learn Tarot

Tarot Card Meanings
Easy guide to the 78 cards in the Tarot deck

Tarot Card Symbols
Guide to the symbols in all 78 Tarot cards.

Tarot Guide
History, decks, famous readers

Major Arcana 
Learn about the major Tarot cards

Minor Arcana
Learn about the minor Tarot cards

Tarot Suits
Cups, Wands, Pentacles, Swords

Suit of Cups 
Understanding Cups

Suit of Pentacles
Understanding Pentacles

Suit of Wands 
Understanding Wands

Suit of Swords
Understanding Swords

Court Cards
Page, Knight, Queen, King

My Tarot Book

Tarot Book
Tarot in 5 Minutes, book by Karina


Year of the Dragon 2024
Chinese astrology: What to expect from a Dragon year

Astrology Signs
Learn about your astrology sign, moon sign and rising sign. 

Celtic Tree Sign
Discover your druid birth tree and what it means.

Spiritual Articles

Akashic Record
Discover your life book in the ether

Intention Candles
How to manifest with intention candles

Love Candle
Use this to attract your soulmate and marriage

Wealth Candle
Use this to attract money, a new home or lottery win

What is Your Spiritual Gift?
Take the test and find out!

What Your Back Pain Means
The emotional causes of neck and back pain

Pennies from Heaven
What it means when you keep finding pennies or dimes

Repetitive Numbers
What does it mean when you keep seeing 111?

What is karma? And what are the rules of karma?

Spirit Guides
The truth about Spirit Guides, what you really need to know

All Souls’ Day
How to celebrate the day of the dead, plus receive an All Souls’ Day Message.

Psychic Training

What Does it Mean to be Psychic?
In-depth article on psychic behavior

Psychic Training
How to train as a psychic, plus lots of free psychic tests

See pictures.

Astral Projection
Out-of-body experiences

Automatic Writing
Connecting with spirit through writing

Remote Viewing
Seeing at a distance

Seeing spirit

Hearing spirit

Sensing spirit


Mind to mind

Animal Meanings

Animal symbolism: What it means when you see or dream of an animal or insect

What it means when you see a bat

What it means when a butterfly lands on you

Spiritual meaning of black cats

Meaning of crows, blackbirds and ravens

When you see or dream of dragonflies

Dreams and spirit messengers

When a mole digs up your garden

When a moth lands on you

Spiritual message of a pigeon

Including brown rabbits and seeing two or more rabbits

A sign from Heaven?

When you see or dream of snakes

Discover the complete list here: Animal Meanings


Pick a Crystal
Discover why you are attracted to certain crystals

Clear Quartz Crystal
The ultimate battery, increases power of all other crystals

Tiger Eye Crystal 
Use for motivation, success and setting intentions

Amethyst Crystal
The Master Healer of crystals

Rose Quartz Crystal
The Healer of emotions, and love magnet

See: Complete list of crystal meanings

Feather Meanings

What it means when you find a feather | KarinaCollins.ie

Index of feather meanings: Discover the meaning of different colored feathers. 

Oracle Deck Reviews

Mystical Healing Reading Cards
Personal development cards by Inna Segal

New Moon Reading
Moonology cards by Yasmin Boland

Oceanic Tarot Cards
Ocean themed Tarot cards by Jayne Wallace

Oracle of Visions Cards
Victorian imagery cards by Ciro Marchetti.

Souls Journey Cards
Soul messages by psychic James van Praagh

Super Attractor Cards 
Law of attraction deck by Gabrielle Bernstein

Super Attraction Affirmations
Receive an affirmation to help you manifest

Healing Angel Cards 
Messages from the angels deck by Toni Carmine Salerno

Free Readings

Angel Card Readings

Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael has an important message for you

Archangel Message Today
Receive a message from the angels according to your birthday month

Guardian Angel Reading
Powerful reading using Guardian Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue

Pick an Angel Number
Discover the meaning of angel numbers

Oracle Card Readings

Yes or No Reading
Ask a yes or no answer and receive an answer

Will I Move House?
Ask the cards and find out!

What Do I Need to Know?
Receive a wisdom message. 

Career Reading
What next in your career?

Spiritual Readings

Pick a Number
This is a numerology-based reading

Luck Affirmations
Need a bit of extra luck? Download this powerful luck booster

Lucky Egyptian Symbols
Discover what type of luck you can attract right now.

Psychic Tarot Reading
This message is according to the first letter of your name

Traditional Fortune Telling
Discover your fortune, using vintage playing cards

Personality Tests

Friendship Personality Test
What sort of friend are you?

Personality Test Who Am I?
What your choice of cup says about you!