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What does Aries Rising Sign Mean?

Our Rising Sign, also known as our Ascendant Sign, is one of three main components of our birth chart and refers to the zodiac sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon at the exact moment we were born. The other elements that make up our natal chart are our Sun Sign and Moon Sign. So, what do astrologers mean when they say someone is an ‘Aries rising sign’? Aries Rising (or Aries Ascendant) means that Aries was the zodiac sign rising in the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth.

What’s the Difference Between Aries Sun Sign and Aries Rising Sign?

Is there a difference between Aries Sun Sign and Aries Rising Sign? Yes, there is a difference between our sun sign and our rising sign. While Aries sun sign determines the inner self, passions, ego or life purpose, Aries rising or ascendant determines the outer self, the external image we present to the world. This is sometimes referred to as our ‘public mask’ and is often misleading. Aries sun sign are extremely competitive and like to win at all costs.

This characteristic is even stronger with Aries rising and they may find it difficult to control their great vitality and vigor. Aries rising likes to be seen as ‘top dog’ at all times, so can be hard work to be around! As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries Rising is sometimes referred to as ‘The Child Of The Zodiac’ and it’s no surprise to find that this ascendant sign is often a bossy child who likes to dominate. Luckily, as they get older, most do outgrow this, yet because Aries is a cardinal sign, they continue to exhibit a need to be first.

What Is Aries Rising Physical Appearance?

Are there distinctive physical qualities associated with Aries Rising? Physical appearance is one of the few areas in astrology that is contradictory and, therefore, difficult to define. However, Aries Rising tends to have a strong, athletic body, swift movements and direct manner which can be intimidating when first encountered.

This rising sign is symbolized by The Ram and their distinctive features, strong facial bone structure, broad forehead and prominent nose supports this connection. Many Aries Rising signs have a slightly rough complexion, ginger or very dark hair and, like the head-butting Ram, many suffer from various types of head injuries.

Aries Rising In Love and Relationships

Aries Rising tend to fall in love easily and this often leads to unfortunate results. Being a hot fire sign, together with Aries need for action, means they rush into a physical relationship without taking time to get to know their partner. Aries ascendant can give the wrong impression when they meet someone as they may come across as more of a risk-taker than they truly are.

This rising sign has a very strong need to be part of a lasting relationship and being a fire sign they tend to jump first and think after, learning from their experience. The initial spark that triggers a relationship can burn out very quickly and even though their dynamism and impulsiveness is part of Aries Rising charm, when things go wrong it can lead to a lack of self-esteem and self-hate. Leo, Sagittarius and Gemini are all a good love match for Aries Rising.

How do You Behave at Work?

Being ‘the boss’ is the goal of Aries Rising, whether that is the CEO of a corporate, or the restaurant supervisor, you need to be at the top. Aries Rising symbol is the Ram and your tendency to head-butt your way to the top can make you appear ruthless to your colleagues. Patience is not one of this rising sign’s strong qualities and they tend to get bored quickly.

Anything that involves a challenge or has a deadline will get Aries Rising fired up and satisfy their competitive nature. Vivid art and crafts, rather than anything ‘pretty’ brings out this rising sign’s artistic talents and it’s no surprise that Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent van Gogh were born under the sun sign Aries.

How Does Aries Rising Affect Family and Friends?

Aries ascendant sign’s fiery nature and love of adventure can sometimes get a bit too much for partners, family and friends to handle. One of the biggest fears of those born under this rising sign is boredom and they will do almost anything to avoid it – even if that means disrupting the whole household.

Being a ‘ram’, Aries rising tends to rush into situations without thinking too much of the end result. Slow down a little, be a little less selfish and take other people’s needs into consideration; being such a powerful force can be intimidating to those around you, although all would agree that knowing you means life is never dull!

How can Aries Rising Maintain a Healthy Balance?

Aries ascendant sign may be dynamic and impulsive which is part of their charm, but living in their shadow can sometimes be stressful. Take a step back from time to time and make sure your partner, friends and family’s needs are given consideration. Don’t let your desire to win override other considerations.

What Famous People were Born Under this Sign?

Celebrities born under Aries Ascendant include:

Paris Hilton, Kourtney Kardashian, Bette Midler, John Lennon, Heather Locklear, Joan Collins, Morgan Freeman, Joan Rivers, Barbra Streisand, Jeff Bezos, Christian Louboutin, Benjamin Franklin

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