Archangel Michael Message Today

Archangel Michael Message for Today

Here is a spiritual message from Archangel Michael today.
Simply decide which sunset you are most drawn to, and scroll down for your message.

Red Sunset
Archangel Michael Message for You Today

Archangel Michael message 1 - Red Sunset

Your Little Message

You Have Come Full Circle
We begin our venture into adulthood full of expectation that if we do ‘the right things’, we can control life.

But the more we experience, the more we realize there is a greater power at work. While we must play our part, involve ourselves enthusiastically in life, ultimately the outcome is out of our hands.
So why worry?
Control is an illusion. We’re not really in control. You have learnt this lesson. You knew it as a child. You forgot. And now you know it again.
Approach the next few months with excitement. Let go, breathe. Throw yourself into life and don’t worry about where it will lead.

Hammock Sunset
Archangel Michael Message For You Today

Archangel Michael Message 2 - Man in Sea at Sunset

Your Little Message

Follow Your Dreams
Sometimes it is difficult to know what we truly desire.
We have aspirations – something we like the ‘idea’ of doing, but we’re not really serious about making it happen.
You see, when we really want something, we tend to make it happen. Think back to the last time you wanted something – a new job/man/car/dress/weight loss – and you didn’t stop until you got it.
Now that is desire.
Desires don’t have to be big things.

Sure, you may be in the process of chasing a big desire – like a business, moving, study – and if you are – take this as your confirmation to keep going. Follow your dream all the way!

But your dreams may be smaller too, but no less important to your happiness.
Don’t be side-tracked by aspirations. They only serve to confuse you.
Instead, focus on what you desire – and you’ll know you desire it because you’ve already taken an action towards getting it. Don’t worry if it’s harder than you thought or takes longer than you thought. You can do it.
You can achieve your dream.
Note: If you are already following this guidance, then you are on the right path.

Sailing Sunset
Archangel Michael Message For You Today

Archangel Michael Message - Sailing at Sunset 3

Your Little Message

Your Reward is Coming

You are sending the right intentions and thoughts out to the Universe, so wait and see what comes back to you in the next few months.

Archangel Michael wants to remind you that he SEES and HEARS you. You may start seeing repetitive numbers more frequently, which is a sign that he is near, helping your wishes come true.
Meantime, keep shining your light.

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