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What does Aquarius Rising Sign Mean?

How important is our Rising Sign and what does it say about us? Our Rising Sign, or Ascendant Sign, together with our Sun Sign and Moon Sign, is one of three main elements that make up our birth chart. Our rising sign refers to the zodiac sign that was rising in the Eastern horizon at the precise time we were born. So, when astrologers say someone is an ‘Aquarius rising’ it means that Aquarius was the zodiac sign rising in the Eastern horizon at the moment of their birth.

What’s the Difference Between Aquarius Sun Sign and Aquarius Rising Sign?

How do astrologers distinguish the difference between Aquarius Sun Sign and Aquarius Rising Sign? While our sun sign determines our inner self, our passions, ego or life purpose, our rising sign, or ascendant, determines our outer self, the external image we present to the world. This is sometimes referred to as our ‘public face’ and is the first and often superficial impression we give when we meet someone. Aquarius sun sign tends to be reserved and guarded, making it difficult for anyone, friends, lovers, colleagues, to really get to know them. Aquarius rising is even more protective of their privacy and can be in danger of cutting themselves off from the outside world.

What is Aquarius Rising Physical Appearance?

Aquarius Appearance - Dark Hair and Blue Eyes |
Typical Aquarius Rising appearance: Dark hair and blue eyes.

Are there specific facial features or body structure associated with Aquarius Rising? Even though quite a lot has been written about the distinguishing characteristics of the different zodiac signs, personally, I think it is one of the few areas in astrology that is unclear and appearances can be quite diverse. However, Aquarius rising will often have dark hair, blue eyes and a slim, lean body. Known as the most glamorous of the rising signs, heads turn when you walk into a room. Aquarius rising likes to shine and their style, self-confidence and captivating personality makes them hard to resist.

Aquarius Rising in Love

Do Aquarius rising make good lovers? What sort of person should Aquarius rising marry? This rising sign will never have a problem attracting the opposite sex. In fact, people are drawn to them like a moth to a flame. The problems begin as soon as the relationship takes a serious turn – when that happens Aquarius rising will pull back, put up the shutters and can come across as cold and indifferent. Confusing indeed for those who have, not very long ago, been beguiled by the force of this zodiac sign’s personality.

Aquarius rising are, at heart, loving, generous and kind. Yet, they have great difficulty in accepting these very same qualities from others and their natural reaction is to push people away before they get too close. The key to a successful relationship with Aquarius ascendant is to keep it light, keep it fun and allow them room to move at their own pace. Whatever happens, trying to get Aquarius rising to ‘fit in’ will lead to disaster!

How do You Behave at Work?

What are the best jobs or career choices for people born with Aquarius rising in their birth chart? Just like in every area of this ascendant sign’s life, they need to choose a job or career where they can be seen to shine. Even though Aquarius rising works well with other people, it is really important that the job they do allows them to use their own discretion and set their own agenda. The worst possible working environment for this astrological sign is where everything is predictable, where there is no personal involvement or no real challenge.

Aquarius rising is forward-thinking, innovative and creative and they are particularly good at solving problems. This may be why many are drawn to working in a hi-tech environment, with machinery or anything mechanical. Given their love of problem-solving and their thirst for knowledge, Aquarius is also drawn to a career in the scientific field.

More than anything, Aquarius rising has an immense desire to help others and that can be on a one-to-one basis as a social worker, counselor or on a larger scale working for a charity or an international non-profit organization, Amnesty International or Chernobyl Children.

How does Aquarius Rising Affect Family and Friends?

Are those people born with Aquarius rising family orientated? Despite the outgoing characteristics of this rising sign, family life or any long-term commitments can be a problem. Not because Aquarius is unloving – far from it – but because of their dislike of letting anyone get too close. Aquarius rising has a strong desire for privacy, mystery and intrigue. As a result, they can feel threatened by the idea of sharing, which of course, can make family and friends feel left out. This is in contrast to Aquarius rising’s kind heartedness and willingness to help. This astrological sign needs to beware of imitating the famous Greta Garbo when she said, “I want to be alone.” Sadly, that is just how she ended up!

How can Aquarius Rising Maintain a Healthy Balance?

Aquarius rising has a strong streak of independence and an inclination to keep others at a distance. If taken too far, these positive qualities can become a real obstacle to leading a fulfilling and balanced life. Aquarius rising should not be so afraid to show their emotions and allow others to get to know the real ‘you’. You may be surprised at the response you get!

What Famous People were Born Under this Sign?

Celebrities born under Aquarius Ascendant include:

Barack Obama, J.K. Rawling, Matt Damon, Madonna, Khloe Kardashian, Princess Beatrice, Christina Aguilera, Casey Affleck, Gene Hackman, Russel Crowe, Martin Sheen, Ryan Phillippe, Yves Saint Laurant, Condoleza Rice, J.P. Morgan, Jimmy Hoffa, Paul Klee, Scott Fitzgerald, H.G. Wells, Karl Marx, David Bowie, Janis Joplin, Audrey Hepburn, Abraham Lincoln

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