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What Are Aquarius Moon People Like?

What type of characteristics are associated with someone born with Aquarius Moon Sign in their birth chart? Considered to be the humanitarians of the zodiac, this astrological sign is more concerned about society as a whole rather than what is happening right under their nose. They are outspoken in championing the cause of those less fortunate and will relish the opportunity to defend the right of all to live in an equal, diverse and free world.

Even though Aquarius moon can be sympathetic and charming, they keep themselves at a distance and very few people, if any, get to know the ‘real’ person. Ruled by the planet Uranus, this zodiac sign embraces their individuality and takes pride in shaking things up.

What Does Being Aquarius Moon Sign Mean?

How can I learn more about the traits of someone who is born with their moon in Aquarius? This air sign is intuitive, intelligent and brilliant communicators who love to give anyone who will listen the benefit of their advice. Generally, their advice is excellent and they have a unique gift of being able to motivate and inspire those around them. Considered the Healer of the Universe, Aquarius moon will feel happy only when they are making a difference to society as a whole.

Freedom is essential to this astrological sign, whether that is helping those who are oppressed because of gender, religion or politics, or on a personal level, maintaining personal freedom even when they are in a committed relationship. For Aquarius moon, freedom and independence go hand-in-hand.

What Are The Best Jobs For You?

What is a good career choice for someone who is born with their moon in Aquarius? Gifted with a unique vision, this zodiac sign have no difficulty in seeing the ‘big picture’, and are expert at being the first to detect a trend and running with it! Eccentric, odd, unconventional or weird are all words used to describe this moon sign and, to be fair, with good reason, so it makes sense that they take advantage of these unique qualities in their work life. Fascinated by anything ‘other worldly’, they are attracted to astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, space exploration, aerospace engineering and, of course, astrology.

This moon sign’s enhanced humanitarian instincts makes them supportive social workers, counselors, mediators, charity workers, activists and campaigners for a worthy cause. The late Princess Diana is a good example of an Aquarius moon sign as she made a point of showing her support for those less fortunate.

Aquarius moon is facinated by technology so working in the aerospace industry, aviation, robotics, software or design engineering, anything that involves hi-tech equipment or machinery are all good choices.

Who Is The Best Partner For Aquarius Moon?

Who do astrologers say is the most compatible with Aquarius Moon? Finding someone who shares their humanitarian nature, who enjoys animated and challenging conversation and who will join them on a protest march is the ideal partner for this moon sign.

Physical attraction is never going to be an issue for this astrological sign as they are beautiful, charming and fun to be around. However, they find it difficult to expose their emotions and they guard their privacy and their personal space, making it hard to get to know the ‘real’ person. This means they may come across as distant, yet, they have a keen interest in people and like nothing better than discovering what turns them on.

Aquarius moon have a deep fear of being trapped in a relationship and, even if they fall madly in love, they are reluctant to make a long-term commitment. They much prefer to hang loose, not to become dependent or appear vulnerable, and ideally their partner will feel the same. In their perfect world they would have a pragmatic relationship, one where neither has to adjust to accommodate the other! The best choice is one of the other air signs, Gemini, Libra, or another Aquarius although Sagittarius can also fit the bill.

What Famous People Were Born Under this Sign?

Celebrities born under Aquarius Moon Sign include:

Britney Spears, Victoria Beckham, Billie Eilish, Cara Delevingne, Uma Thurman, Woody Allen, Denzel Washington, Sienna Miller, Caitlyn Jenner, Sandra Bullock, Jessica Alba, Kim Cattrall, Bruce Willis, Toby Maguire, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Helen Mirren, José Mourinho, Tony Blair, Angela Merkel, Princess Stephanie, Pope Francis, Vladimir Lenin, John F. Kennedy, Jr, John McCain, John Lennon, President Richard Nixon, Jean-Paul Sartre, Diana, Princess of Wales, Muhammad Ali, Marilyn Monroe

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