Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards Review |

In this reading, we are going to use the oracle deck Animal Dreaming by Scott Alexander King.

Using this oracle deck and animal symbolism, we will ask the animal kingdom for a spiritual message for you.
Simply choose one card.

1. The Spider, Animal Dreaming Card

Spider Meaning Oracle Cards |
Spider: Weaver of Dreams

Your Message

The spider, as a weaver of webs, reminds us that we are all creators of our own lives, and that we choose the path we take through our actions or lack thereof. The spider has woven her way into your life today because she hears your desire for something better.

We all yearn to believe in ourselves, to have faith in our ability to heal and realize our true potential. You are being reminded that healing is possible and your life can be more abundant and fulfilling.

Now is the time to acknowledge your vulnerabilities, face your fears and strive to achieve your dreams. Embrace your personal power. Without your input, the web will fall apart.

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2. The Lyrebird

Lyrebird Animal Meaning Oracle Cards |
Lyrebird Genetic Memory

Your Message

The lyrebird mimics the sounds of the forest from hundreds of years ago. The older birds pass the sounds to the younger birds, flawlessly mimicking each other, generation after generation.

The young learn the sounds as though they were hearing them direct from their ancestors.

The lyrebird flies into your reading today to say your ancestors are whispering in your ear. You are being primed for a great time of ‘remembering‘.

Depending on your circumstances this ‘remembering’ may be:

  • Return of knowledge gained in a past life.
  • Memory from the past resurfacing as a warning not to repeat old mistakes.
  • Encouragement to resurrect an old passion.

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3. The Fairy Penguin, Animal Dreaming Card

Penguin Animal Meaning Oracle Cards |
Fairy Penguin, Willpower

Your Message

Penguins are celebrated as lucid dreamers, creatures capable of staying alert in the dream state and walking between the spirit world and the physical realm of earth.

The penguin teaches alertness of mind—what you picture in your head can be brought to fruition in the “real” world.

The Fairy penguin has made his way into your reading today to say you can overcome any limitation in your life – health, finances, physical location, anything, by adopting a more determined mindset. There will be no surrender!

Find your inner power now and believe in yourself. Harness the willpower you need to fulfill your dreams.

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